NASA and Orthodontics

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Orthodontic Fact #7: Some dental wires used in dental braces are activated by body heat and were developed by NASA.

The simple answer to the question, “How do braces work?” is that the steady pressure that is applied by orthodontic appliances over the course of treatment slowly aligns the teeth in the desired position. However, in order to ensure that the teeth are moving correctly and safely, adjustments do need to be made to the wires on a regular basis, which typically means monthly trips to the orthodontist‘s office. These monthly adjustments can result in tenderness in the mouth for a day or two following an office visit, and for many busy families scheduling appointments for adjustments can sometimes be difficult.

However, recent advances in orthodontics may reduce the number of adjustments required over the course of treatment through the use of specially designed wires made of material developed by NASA. These special wires are activated by a patient’s own body heat and can adjust with the patient’s mouth rather than requiring regular adjustment. These space-age wires also have the ability to maintain their pre-designed shape to move the teeth to their desired alignment. This state of the art technology is an option that is helpful in providing a more comfortable orthodontic experience for many patients, and may offer the added convenience of scheduling fewer trips to the orthodontist for a simple adjustment.

If you are looking for some dental braces options in Centerville or Fairborn, contact King Orthodontics. Our office provides professional orthodontic services. Remember, braces are not for cosmetic purposes alone, and proper bite alignment is critical for overall health. For more information on orthodontic treatments that may be appropriate for you or a loved one, give us a call today.

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NASA and Orthodontics

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