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400 East Dayton, Yellow Springs Rd.
Fairborn, OH 45324

Phone: (937) 878-1561
Fax: (937) 433-9530

We alternate days between our two locations. If you are in doubt as to which office will be open on a particular date, please call ahead.

Fairborn Office Opening Hours:

Monday: 9:30AM to 6:30PM
Tuesday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM

on alternate weeks

Orthodontic emergencies are extremely rare, but in the case that you require assistance out of office hours please call the number above.

We have two conveniently located offices in Centerville and Fairborn, Ohio.

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We are committed to continuously improving access to our goods and services by individuals with disabilities. If you are unable to use any aspect of this website because of a disability, please contact (937) 878-1561 and we will provide you with prompt personalized assistance.

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About Fairborn

Located in Greene County, Fairborn is situated near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Dayton. Fairborn’s history dates back to 1913, when the Great Dayton Flood forced Osborn to move out of the flood plain. As Osborn was transferred alongside Fairfield, the two villages were merged in 1950. Hence the name “Fairborn” comes from combining “Fairfield” and Osborn”.

Osborn was originally formed in 1851 while Fairfield was founded in 1816. The native inhabitants of this region became famous because of their renowned earthwork known as earthen mounds made from mound builders. Some of these still exist at the Wright Brother’s Memorial at the top while another lies hidden underground.

The Wright State University and a branch of the Greene County Library can be found in Fairborn. It is part of the Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area and is home for Calamityville, a disaster training facility.

Sports and Recreation

Wright State University Nutter Center: This multi-purpose arena, located within the Wright State University, has been hosting different sports and music events since 1990. It has been named for the famous businessman and inventor, Ervin Nutter, who donated $1.5 million in 1986 to Wright State University. The state of Ohio as well as the University also contributed a total of $8 million in construction efforts and 20 months after the development started, the Nutter Center held its first event.

The Nutter Center is commonly used by different schools to host graduations and famous bands also utilized it for their music tours. Basketball and wrestling tournaments are also being held occasionally.


High quality education is the foundation of every successful community. It is in these educational facilities that students learn different skills and valuable lessons which they can use in order to improve the society. Fairborn acknowledged the fact that the younger generations comprise the future leaders thus great efforts have been provided to continuously improve the quality of education in all levels of schools.

Below is the list of schools wherein students of Fairborn learn how to improve their skills and talents:

  • Wright State University: public university with over 19,000 students (located in Fairborn)
  • Fairborn Primary School: Grades pre-K-3 (formerly 5 Points Elementary School)
  • Fairborn Intermediate School: Grades 4 – 5 (formerly Palmer-South)
  • Fairborn Baker Middle School: Grades 6 – 8
  • Fairborn High School: Grades 9 – 12

Medical Facilities

As Fairborn continuously grows in population, more and more medical facilities have been established in order to cater to the increasing medical needs of the citizens. Clinics for urgent or emergency cases have been built in order to cover every inch of the city hence ensuring the people’s health and safety. The State of Ohio together with Fairborn’s local officials put emphasis in high quality medical assistance by providing complete equipment and medical supplies for hospitals and clinics.

Orthodontics in Fairborn

Fairborn OfficeFinding the best orthodontic clinics in Fairborn is also easy. Tourists and citizens can look these clinics up in yellow pages and other directories in which medical facilities are being registered. Orthodontic offices take care of patients with teeth alignment and jaw or facial problems. The need of this kind of clinics continued to rise over the years thus more and more professionals have been competing to provide the best services to their patients.

One of the longest established orthodontic offices in Fairborn is King Orthodontics. King Orthodontics is located at 400 East Dayton, Yellow Springs Road, Fairborn, OH 45324. For emergencies, patients can call at (937) 878 1561. Although emergencies rarely happen, King Orthodontics won’t miss the chance to provide comfort for their patients at any given hour.

King Orthodontics – Fairborn