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6460 Far Hills Ave
Centerville, OH 45459

Phone: (937) 433-0830

We alternate days between our two locations. If you are in doubt as to which office will be open on a particular date, please call ahead.

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Monday: 9:30AM to 6:30PM
Tuesday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Wednesday: 7:00AM to 4:00PM
Thursday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Friday: 8:00AM to 12:00 Noon (Administrative Staff / Staff Meetings only)

Orthodontic emergencies are extremely rare, but in the case that you require assistance out of office hours please call the number above.

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About Centerville

Being a suburb of Montgomery and Greene Counties, Centerville is a part of Dayton metropolitan area. Most of the city’s area lies on Montgomery however a small portion extends to Greene County. Centerville has a rich culture and great efforts for education and medical assistance have been provided for the city’s improvements.

Recreation and Culture

With the 26-acre recreation complex located at 895 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd, over hundreds of recreational opportunities are being offered to the public. The recreation center’s natatorium houses two indoor pools and a 140-foot water flume slide. Two gymnasiums, weight room, locker rooms, indoor running track, and indoor wall climbing are also among the center’s main attractions.

Three ponds, historic log cabin, picnic shelters, play field, and fitness trails can also be found at the Countryside Park. On the other hand, Rec West provides 29,000 square-feet solely for parties, meetings, presentations, game rooms, and a full-sized theater with professional movie screens.


Being recognized as having outstanding programs for students, Centerville schools have earned the “Excellent” rating for seven years of Ohio’s Local Report Card. This prestigious rating given each year was only experienced by 17 schools out of 612 school districts. This award serves as the proof for Centerville’s sincerity in making high quality education a priority to shape and mold the younger generation which will eventually lead in the future. Producing exceptional students and educated citizens is one thing that Centerville is very proud of.

Furthermore, Centerville is known for its special services, academic programs, as well as extra-curricular offerings for Math, Science, Drama, Arts, Reading, Music, athletics, and volunteer opportunities. As a result, students of Centerville often receive local, state, and national awards in achieving high academic honors and other awards in arts, music, and athletics.

Centerville’s educational foundation comprises of six Elementary Schools, one Kindergarten village, three Middle Schools, and one High School. With over 8,000 enrolled students, Centerville schools are to be expanded to cater more students hence providing a greater opportunity for the youth. Plans for a K-1 building and restorations or renovations to other buildings have been laid down.

Private or Parochial Schools are also listed below:

  • Incarnation Catholic School
  • Archbishop Alter High School
  • Dayton Christian School
  • Spring Valley Academy
  • Miami Valley School
  • Alexandria Montessori School

Health Services

Aside from maintaining a high quality of education, Centerville also focuses on achieving high quality medical assistance to each and every citizen. The Combined Health District takes care of health and safety issues within Centerville and makes sure that the water people drink and air they breathe are safe and clean. This is one way of keeping health diseases low. Among the health services that Centerville offers include Adolescent Wellness, Child Health Services, Birth and Death Certificates, Communicable Disease Surveillance, as well as Diabetes Education and Support.

Aside from that, Centerville also provides emergency preparedness lectures which include planning, training, and preparing for natural disasters and terrorism attacks. Home health care for the elderly as well as disabled, immunizations and lead poison prevention are also being catered. Furthermore, different dental services are available in Centerville including orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics in CentervilleCenterville Office

With Centerville’s efforts in raising the quality of medical assistance they provide, more and more dental clinics have become highly competitive in order to cater the diverse needs of their patients.

King Orthodontics in Centerville is among the longest serving orthodontic offices with 3 generations of orthodontists offering high quality orthodontic treatments in reasonable prices. Early treatment, adult treatment, retention, and orthognatic surgery are all offered by King Orthodontics.

King Orthodontics is located in 6460 Far Hills Avenue and can be contacted through phone 937-433-0830 and fax 937-433-9530 or the secure email form above. For a detailed instruction of directions, kindly use the Google map provided above.

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