Why Should I Feel Confident About Invisalign?

November 4, 2015

confident invisalign Braces have earned their justly deserved reputation for destroying the self-confidence of teens everywhere. The great news is that there is another treatment that performs the same tasks without the humiliating metal mouth effect. This is called Invisalign, the virtually invisible system that gives you confidence while it straightens your crooked teeth.

What Exactly Is The Invisalign System?

Invisalign is the modern dental solution for straightening your teeth. This system utilizes custom-made aligners that are designed specifically for your unique mouth. The trays themselves are comprised of smooth, comfortable, and practically invisible plastic which you simply lock over your teeth. This system and its aligners shift your teeth little by little over time back to their correct place and angle. Metal brackets and wires are now a thing of the past. It's as easy as throwing in a new Invisalign aligner set about every two weeks. Once your treatment finishes, you will boast that beautiful smile you always wanted but never had. The interference level in your day to day life is minimal. The majority of your friends won't even be aware that you're wearing aligners to straighten your teeth, surely the best part of all.

How Is The System Used?

This unique procedure works as a tool to fix your teeth positions with time. It does this by applying a very slight pressure on them so that they gradually move. These aligners are clear, so that almost no one notices them, even when you talk or smile. You can also take them out when you are brushing your teeth, eating, or cleaning them. You wear these aligners between 20 and 22 hours each day to obtain the full effect and stay on task with the treatment time-frame. Aligners get replaced every two weeks to match up with the Align Technology personal plan and stages crafted just for you. The varying stage aligners differ in pressure applied and shape, which is why they must be changed every two weeks for you to gain the best possible results.

Customized Treatment Plans Give You Confidence in the Results

The whole procedure is designed to give you supreme confidence in the treatment plan and system. First your orthodontist takes pictures and then impressions of your individual teeth. These are dispatched to the company where they develop a 3D digital image of your teeth. The orthodontist who is company-approved and -trained then crafts your individual treatment plan and shows you precisely the movements your teeth will make. They also inform you of the amount of time that your treatment will take. Next the orthodontist shows you the virtual portrayal of the way your teeth will shift in every step of the treatment plan. Typically these treatments require about a year for grown-ups to complete and longer for teenagers, similar to the amount of time that braces require in teens.

Putting on New Aligners Every Other Week

Every two weeks you switch in your new aligners. This puts you on a new treatment stage twice a month, so you feel the confidence of advancing in your treatment plan all the time. Your dentist will check you about every six weeks, which will ensure that your progress is moving along according to the master plan set out by the computer models created by the company.

After the Procedure Is Completed

After that year of wearing your aligners is over, or longer if you are a teenager, you will be the owner of a brand new flawless and beautiful smile. For many participants in the one of a kind system. A retainer is needed in order to hold your flawless teeth in the correct new position. The company recommends Vivera® retainers. These are made custom for you with the same cutting-edged technology. These special retainers ensure that your lovely new smile stays with you forever.

How Does This Give You Confidence?

This system offers you so many advantages over traditional braces. All of these help to make you feel more confident. This system: • Allows you to take out the aligners when you want • Permits you to eat any foods that you enjoy • Lets you brush and floss as normal • Does not irritate your gums or cheeks as it is plastic, not metal • Keeps your schedule free as you only need to visit the dentist once in four to six weeks • Gives you as many as six replacement aligners at no cost if they become broken or lost • Permits you to personally enjoy your teeth improving with practically invisible aligners

Complete Confidence and Nothing At All to Lose

It is so much simpler to take the plunge and straighten up your teeth when you are aware that the Invisalign system is so flexible that you can retain control over your daily life. The trays are both comfortable for your mouth and smooth. Because they're removable, you'll enjoy all of the regular activities that you normally participate in. Such as flossing and brushing your teeth and eating any foods that you regularly enjoy. Your gums and teeth won't hurt either as with the old school, embarrassing metal braces. You also won't need to spend the ridiculous thirty minutes per night flossing and brushing your teeth as with older, rival treatments. Maybe the best part about the Invisalign system and treatment is that it allows you to enjoy special occasions. You can simply remove the aligners until the situation passes and then put them back into your mouth when you're ready. Not that you would much need to remove them for a special occasion, since they are practically invisible to almost everyone around you. You'll save time at the dentist, keeping your schedule free for more important activities since you only have to report in to the office for follow-ups about one time in six weeks. King Orthodontics specializes in this special treatment. They are a 2015 Preferred Provider of the system and procedures. To see if you are an ideal candidate for the system today, contact King Orthodontics to make an appointment for a consultation.

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Why Should I Feel Confident About Invisalign?

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