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3D X-Rays in Orthodontics Are a Game Changer—Here’s Why!

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As a parent, you know that it’s no easy job keeping your little ones confined to a dental chair long enough to have x-rays taken. Things get better as the child gets older, but if your youngster is now facing the installation of braces, it’s still no picnic convincing them to sit still while individual tooth areas are captured on film. That’s why many parents are celebrating the arrival of 3D x-rays. This space age radiography equipment benefits everyone: impatient teens, technicians and practitioners thanks to the less pain, strain and discomfort a child experiences. There are many reasons we believe this technology is a game changer and we’d like to share them with you!

Reason #1

3D imaging is superior to “flat x-rays” in terms of quality and definition, and since flat images only capture one or two teeth at a time, your child’s exposure to even low doses of radiation is compounded. Since all of the teeth in a child’s mouth are affected by the installation of braces, isn’t it better to eliminate some of those individual exposures in favor of a single scan to cut back on radiation exposure? Sure, it costs a little more to undergo this type of imaging, but the detail gotten from a single scan is superior, thanks to the equipment’s ability to explore the mouth in such detail.

Reason #2

3D X-rays are cool. Even the most blasé teen tends to be impressed by the experience of having a picture taken of his entire head. These are cool solutions for parents, too. You won’t have to bribe or cajole your child to sit still and pose, because the time it takes to shoot the entire mouth is so quick, the process is often over and done with in around 10 seconds. Even the antsiest kid can stick around that long!

Reason #3

Your x-rays won’t get lost. Cardboard-encased or digital files of individual teeth go missing, leaving you with no ability to provide a history of your child’s treatments when making an appointment with a new practitioner because you move or your dentist retires. You won’t have to worry about lost images of individual teeth when your child is subjected to a our equipment because her images will be safely stored as data files rather than film. You may ask your orthodontist’s staff to share images with another specialist because a pediatric dentist or periodontist is necessary to solve a problem, so that file will be transmitted efficiently and quickly.


Reason #4

This technology isn’t scary. As a matter of fact, kids are fascinated by the process once it’s explained to them: A digital x-ray scanner, fastened to a rotating arm, moves around the head in a circle, capturing detail at such rapid speed, even if your kid is the poster child for fidgety, impatient behavior, the fascination of watching that bot move around his head never fails to intrigue little patients. By sharing information about how this process works with kids receiving orthodontic treatment and any fear they may have had when they walk into our scanning laboratory vanishes in a Star Wars-like minute. Kids like to know what’s going on and we like to educate them!

Reason #5

Hidden problem areas are revealed early. Dental x-rays have never before been able to capture exacting detailing about bones, tissue, airways and nerves that make up the area that’s to be affected when braces are installed, but that’s all changed since the advent of dimensional x-rays. It’s not unusual to pick up obscure dental or health problems that would escape a flat x-ray completely.

Reason #6

There’s never been a more pain-free imaging method! Little mouths don’t do well with those cardboard film holders necessary to allow a radiology tech to capture all angles an orthodontist needs to make a proper diagnosis. Even supplies designed with children in mind can cause discomfort and it can be difficult to get the images we need to put together a proper treatment plan.

Reason #7

Your diagnosis and treatment plan could wind up being less complicated than an initial look-see, thanks to our ability to capture so detailed a picture of your child’s entire mouth because the results of these scans are so exacting. Having the capacity to study every nuance of the mouth, teeth, gums and bone, orthodontists have, on occasion, revised a treatment plan based on new information provided by a scan that can lessen the long-term treatment, because the imaging suggested an alternative way to approach the child’s treatment. Such revelations can even shorten the time and expense of the orthodontic experience.

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3D X-Rays in Orthodontics Are a Game Changer—Here’s Why!

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