Washing while Eating

June 3, 2014


Words of Wisdom No.4 - Eat 'Detergent’ Foods

Have you ever heard of “detergent foods”? If not, they are actually the type of food that can clean your teeth while you are eating them. Sounds ironic but they do exist and I bet you are eating the most popular one – the apple. The apple fruit is known to be the “nature’s toothbrush”. Other detergent foods include popcorn, raw carrots, and celery. In general, the characteristics of detergent foods include crispiness and firmness. As you chew them, it scrapes off the plaque as your teeth grind them. Knowing which foods are considered detergent foods can help you improve your overall oral health. If you’re going on a sleep over and you forgot your toothbrush, there’s a good way to reduce the plaque on your teeth by eating detergent foods last. Just make sure that the popcorn you eat is unsweetened or it will not be considered as a detergent food in this matter. Other scenarios include parties and other gatherings wherein you will be home late and hence will not be able to brush immediately after eating. If this is the case, just eat the detergent food last. Overall, aside from detergent foods, there are other things you can do in order to clean your teeth if you forgot your toothbrush in a camping or sleepover. You can buy a toothbrush from the nearest store, ask your friends if they have an extra unused toothbrush, or ask for salt. Just rub the salt gently on your teeth (do not swallow) and then rinse afterwards. King Orthodontics is certified and qualified to perform orthodontic treatments to patients in Fairborn and Centerville. If you have problems with your smile or your overall oral health, don't hesitate to contact King Orthodontics at Centerville or Fairborn offices.

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Washing while Eating

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