Orthodontic Treatments [Myths and Facts]

September 16, 2014

Of all the silly orthodontic myths that still make the rounds today, perhaps the silliest is the one that purports the possibility of two people who wear braces becoming locked together should they try to sneak a kiss. This is a horrifying myth that almost every teenager has heard at one time or another. Of course, this particular orthodontic nightmare was created in the days before highly improved products, such as Invisalign Teen came along.

Myths About Pain, Treatments and Unattractiveness

One of the myths that are the most likely to frighten a potential orthodontic patient from seeking needed treatment is the one about braces being painful and the procedure lasting for years. It is no wonder some people are afraid to visit an orthodontist. However, the truth is that today's orthodontia treatments involve minimal discomfort and it goes away quickly. Additionally, braces take months instead of years to align teeth into their proper position. [caption id="attachment_1238" align="alignright" width="333"]King Orthodontics Photo Credit: LaFemmeEnNoir via Compfight cc[/caption] Some people believe that all braces are shiny metal, unsightly and are an embarrassment for adults and teens alike. This is not true today, thanks to advancements in orthodontic appliances and methods of treatment. Remarkable products, such as Invisalign Teen, are nearly undetectable to the observer, and the wearer usually forgets they have them on.

Common Myths You Won't Believe

Any orthodontist will tell you that one of the most far-reaching myths is the one that says metal braces pick up radio signals. Amazingly, some people claim to have received transmissions from aliens as well. There is no cause for concern, and no Invisalign problems exist that even come close to connecting a wearer of orthodontics with unwanted - or even wanted - radio signals. Another comical myth about metal braces is the belief that those who wear them have a higher chance of attracting a lightning strike. The concern surrounding this one is due to the fact that metal acts as a lightning rod. However, National Geographic states that everyone's chances of being struck by a bolt of lightning are the same - one in 700,000. Even so, lightning would not affect an Invisalign user anyway. There is no metal involved with Invisalign products or services. '

Orthodontic Facts

  • Orthodontic alignment of the teeth, jaws and lips affects the overall appearance of a person's face. Self-esteem can suffer from misalignment of the teeth and jaws. Moreover, physical pain may develop as well as other health problems crop up.
  • Treating orthodontic troubles early can preclude tooth decay, gum disease or bone damage.
  • Your friendly orthodontist is a highly skilled specialist who has all the training of a dentist plus additional schooling. The average orthodontist receives training for an additional two years after becoming a board certified dentist.
Today, the need for braces still exists, but the appliances available are more user-friendly than ever. Invisalign problems are very rare, unlike the hardships associated with the metal contraptions of yesteryear. For an awesome smile that you will be proud of, contact King Orthodontics today at either our Centerville or Fairborn office.  

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Orthodontic Treatments [Myths and Facts]

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