How Do Dental Sealants Work? (ALL THE FACTS HERE)

February 15, 2019

If your orthodontist has recommended having a sealant placed, you've likely wondered how long do dental sealants last as well as the sealants pros and cons. This amazing procedure is ideal for both kids and adults alike, and it is essential for keeping teeth healthy and free of decay. Understanding the sealant procedure as well as having it done on your own teeth or on the teeth of your children is sure to help retain a beautiful and full smile.   dentist at work  

What Exactly are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is specific to helping teeth avoid decay, cavities and the need for root canals and fillings. The sealant acts as a protective barrier on the tooth to prevent decay from eating away at the enamel and down into the dentin. Once decay reaches the dentin, a filling is needed. If the decay gets much worse, a root canal may be needed and infection and gum abscesses can occur. For this reason, preventing decay in the first place is the best and easiest solution to all of these problems.  

Do They Work?

The great thing about a dental sealant is that it does truly work for those who have had the procedure done. The sealant is a thin material placed on top of the tooth needing protection. It is then cured onto the teeth. You won't even be able to notice that there is anything on top of the tooth as it is entirely clear. Your orthodontist can also recommend a dental sealant procedure if you are having issues with decay. Or you have a child who is prone to getting cavities. While there are sealants pros and cons, it is effortless to see why so many people are choosing this procedure in a way that works for them. Obviously, it is important to still brush and floss your teeth as you normally would since a sealant is not full protection over decay entirely. Also, it is important to have the sealant replaced and redone after it has worn away. The sealant that you have placed will last for roughly two to three years. But this can vary from one patient to another. Your orthodontist will be able to advise you on how often to have the sealant replaced and redone. For most patients, they find that having a sealant placed has a lot of benefits. And is a great advantage to keeping their teeth looking their best and free of signs of decay. We can help to determine if this type of procedure is right for you according to what your dental needs we as well as the different types of options that might be available to you and your smile needs right now.     TWITTER BUTTON  

What is the Process of Having Sealants Placed?

The procedure to have a sealant placed is quite easy and quick, no matter who is having it done. First, it is important to note that no anesthesia is required to have the procedure done. This makes it ideal for kids who are unable to have anesthesia. Or adults who simply want a more effortless way to keep their teeth clean and looking their best. First, you will have a thin, clear liquid placed over the tooth. Next, a blue curing light is placed over the tooth to seal the sealant and harden it onto the tooth. The sealant will then be on the tooth and will not need to be replaced for a few years. You can either have one tooth get a sealant or have all of your teeth done depending on your needs and what you want to obtain. People who are more prone to cavities, especially kids, are often advised to have multiple teeth sealed. This is a great way to prevent the need for fillings and is especially advantageous when having orthodontic work done. This prevents the orthodontic work from getting in the way of cavities that need to be filled. Simply because the cavity isn't there in the first place.  

How Long Do They Last?

If you are wondering how long do dental sealants last, this can vary from one patient to another. Some patients need to have their sealant replaced and redone a year after it has been put onto the teeth. Others will find that their own last for two to three years without the need for replacement. The best way to tell if you need to have a sealant replaced is to ask your dental professional. They will be able to easily tell if the sealant is still on your tooth or if it needs to be replaced. The length of time that it takes for the sealant to last depends on how much you grind your teeth as well as how well you take care of your teeth.  

Are They Specific to Kids?

The great thing about dental sealants is that it isn't specific to kids. While kids can and do benefit from having a sealant placed on one or more of their teeth, adults can also benefit from this particular procedure. The sealant helps to protect the teeth from cavities and deep decay. Which is great for people who are prone to getting fillings. Not only does this wind up saving you a lot of money. But you are going to find that it also helps to fully protect your teeth in a way that works well for you or your child having the procedure done.  

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How Do Dental Sealants Work? (ALL THE FACTS HERE)

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