The Five Warning Signs

July 10, 2014

How to tell that your Child, Teen, or Adult Needs Braces

[caption id="attachment_1168" align="alignright" width="333"]King Orthodontics hellykelly via Compfight cc[/caption] People of all ages get braces every single day. If you are wondering whether you or your child could benefit from braces, there are five specific signs to look for when it comes to making this decision. Whether you choose to go with clear braces or the more traditional metal ones, having this type of work done can be a great boost to your confidence or your child's self-esteem.

1. Crooked Teeth:

One of the most obvious signs for needing braces would be crooked or misaligned teeth. Some people's teeth are worse than others, but it is pretty easy to tell if a child, teen or adult could use braces to straighten out their own teeth. Crooked teeth can hinder a person's self-esteem, so this is definitely the first sign to look for if you're considering braces for yourself or your child.

2. Overbite or Underbite:

Having an overbite or underbite can be corrected with proper orthodontic work. Also, braces will be able to correct this issue further once they are placed on. Your orthodontist will be able to see the best course of action to take if you or your child has this issue.

3. Low Self-Esteem:

Having crooked teeth or major orthodontic issues can lead to lowered self-esteem, making a person feel badly about their appearance. Many people who get orthodontic work done do so because they want to improve their smile. If you're wondering what are clear braces, this specific type is ideal for those who want to get braces but do not want to have them seen.

4. Teeth Not Being Cared For Properly:

When the teeth are horribly misaligned, it can sometimes be difficult for a person to care for them properly. For example, crooked teeth can make it difficult for a person to clean in between those teeth, even if they're using flossing tools. If you've been asking yourself, "Do I Need Braces?” this is definitely one of the reasons to get them.

5. Crowding:

One issue that a lot of people deal with when it comes to their teeth is not so much the crooked teeth, but the fact that their teeth are very crowded. The problem with crowding is that it can cause teeth to chip and break, causing massive dental issues down the road. Crowded teeth do not allow for much movement or for more teeth to come in, and this is a big problem for kids and teens. If you feel that braces are a good option for you or your child, King Orthodontics is able to provide you with the consultation that you need. Whether you choose to get clear braces or traditional braces, there are many options available to you. For those living in Centerville or Fairborn, it is nice to know that you can set up an appointment for a consultation to see if braces are the best option for you, your teen or even your child.

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The Five Warning Signs

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