DIY Braces (7 Warnings to Why You Shouldn't do it)

August 10, 2019

We all want to have straight teeth. The best way to straighten your teeth is by receiving orthodontic treatment from an orthodontist. Unfortunately, many individuals look for a cheaper alternative and try DIY, or do it yourself braces. These types of braces use materials like paper clips and rubber bands to straighten the teeth. There is also a rather new type of braces that involves using teeth aligners. How they work is that an individual receives mail order braces every couple of weeks, and they wear them to straighten their teeth at home. While mail order braces may seem better than making braces yourself, there are quite a few reasons why you should never them or any other type do it yourself braces.   [caption id="attachment_6120" align="aligncenter" width="538"]tools Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay[/caption]  

You Don’t Have The Right Know How

You can purchase almost anything you want online. This even includes materials to make braces. However, this doesn’t mean that you are qualified to do orthodontic work on yourself. Even if you are able to obtain things like bands, wires and orthodontic tools, your teeth aren’t a DIY project. Your oral health is extremely important. No matter how much money you think you will save by making braces yourself, it can end up being more costly in the end. There’s a reason why orthodontists go to school for years to learn how to move teeth effectively.  

DIY Braces Aren’t Very Effective

It is possible to move your teeth with do it yourself braces. However, they will probably just end up moving back. When an orthodontist puts braces on your teeth, they use x-rays and examine your teeth to determine what needs to be done to move them. The process can go rather slowly so that your jaw can get used to the new position of your teeth. If you move your teeth quickly with DIY braces, you probably won’t achieve long-term results. In fact, your teeth can end up looking worse than before. Without the proper training, it’s difficult to know how to move your teeth. There’s a lot more that goes into orthodontics than just making the teeth look aesthetically appealing. An orthodontist will monitor things like your bite and jaw alignment. It’s difficult to do this on your own without an x-ray machine and the proper training.  

It’s Possible To Lose Teeth When You Wear DIY Braces

If you wear braces you made yourself, you could lose your teeth. The materials could cut off some of the blood flow to them. Without it, their roots can die. This is irreversible. Unfortunately, you might not even know that there is an issue until it’s too late. After your tooth dies, you will need to have it extracted. In order to fill the hole, you will need to replace it with an implant. This can cost thousands of dollars more than braces would have.  

You Could Get A Painful Gum Infection

One of the scariest things about DIY braces is that you could get a gum infection. If you make braces yourself, you won’t be using sterile items. This can cause sores to form in your mouth and a gum infection to develop. Not only can this lead to bone loss, but it can actually be deadly. By wearing braces you made yourself, you will be putting your life at risk. You might not know there is a problem until you are an in an incredible amount of pain. When this happens, a lot of damage will already have been done.  

It Can Be Difficult To Talk And Eat

There is an art to orthodontic work. An orthodontist will careful move your teeth so that their new positions don’t impede your ability to speak. If you decide to make braces yourself, you may notice that you eventually have difficulty talking. You may develop a lisp or a speech impediment. Even after you take these braces off, it might not fix the problem. You may need to visit a speech therapist to learn how to speak correctly. You will also notice that you may have difficulty eating. This can be extremely embarrassing, and you might avoid eating in front of others.   TWITTER BUTTON

You Will Avoid Others

Some people resort to making braces by gluing paper clips to their teeth. They will then use rubber-bands and attach them to these paper clips to try to shift the teeth. For those that have a gap between their teeth, they will just place a rubber-band around these teeth to try to close the gap. This will cause them to constantly be worried about their smile. They might avoid going places because they don’t want others to see your teeth.  

It Will Cost More Money Even If You Use Mail Order or DIY Braces

Many people wear do it yourself braces because they are trying to save money. What they don't realize is that it will end up costing them more in the long-run. Orthodontists do not recommend wearing these types of braces. If you wear them, you will damage your teeth. This can cost thousands of dollars to fix. You might only spend a few dollars on the materials to make braces, but it could cost you well over $10,000 to fix all of the damage that you caused.  

You May End Up In A Lot Of Pain

There is some pain associated with braces. However, it tends to be minimal and doesn’t last very long. With do it yourself braces, you may end up in a lot of pain. These types of braces can cause your teeth to move rapidly. This will lead to tooth and jaw pain. If you get an infection, you will end up being in a lot of pain as well.  

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DIY Braces (7 Warnings to Why You Shouldn't do it)

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