What Will Braces Do To My Lips? 2017

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. When you smile, it makes you appear more approachable to people that you meet, and it lets the world know that you are confident. Unfortunately, there are many things that can make you nervous about sharing your smile with the world, and one of those things is having an overbite that causes your top front teeth to protrude.

When your overbite is mild, you may hardly notice. However, large overbites generate quite a bit of discomfort and can drastically alter your appearance. Whichever type of overbite you have, it is natural to be apprehensive about how you might look after orthodontic treatment. pretty woman with bracesThe truth is that any type of change you make to your teeth or jaw structure will affect your facial structure. Since the way your lips will change depends greatly upon your personal characteristics, it is important to understand these facts about the effects braces tend to have on your smile.

Understanding The Basics of Facial Structure

Your facial structure is comprised of multiple factors that all play a role in your overall appearance. For example, your jaw bone defines your chin and cheeks, and you can often notice a person’s overbite in their profile image. Your lips rest against your teeth, and an overbite can make your upper lip stick out in a way that you may or may not be happy about. Depending upon the degree of your overbite, it can also cause your lower lip to appear fuller. Since other factors influence your appearance, you may consider this extra fullness to be a good thing. However, severe overbites sometimes make it harder for the lips to come together, and people with this issue tend to hope that orthodontic treatment will improve the aesthetics of their smile.


Recognizing the Importance of Correcting An Overbite

People approach the need for orthodontic treatment with varying emotions. On one hand, you may be excited about finally achieving the smile of your dreams. Alternatively, you may be worried that your lips will get thinner or not poke out so much on the top. Either way, understanding why it is important to correct your bite helps you recognize the benefits of getting braces.

When you are dealing with an overbite, it affects the way that you eat, speak and smile. For many children, an overbite is one of the reasons why they struggle with pronouncing certain words, and speech instruction may be necessary to address this problem before a child can get their bite fixed with orthodontics. Overbites that affect the adult jaw structure lead to issues such as chipped teeth when the top and bottom teeth tend to strike each other as you speak.

It may also be difficult for you to chew properly, and some people experience digestive issues because they are unable to take proper bites out of their food. It is also common for people with overbites to struggle with maintaining proper oral hygiene since teeth that don’t fit together properly are harder to brush and floss. This can lead to decay and gum disease later in life when the bite problem is not corrected at an earlier age. Jaw pain caused by the added strain on the joints is also common, and these issues can progress to TMJ if the incorrect bite is left untreated.

Managing Your Expectations

Aesthetic issues with your smile are correctible with orthodontic treatment. However, it is important to be prepared for any type of changes that you make to your facial appearance. While there are tons of images online depicting dramatic alterations to a person’s appearance, you should be aware that many of these are from people that had severe bite issues.

If your overbite is small, you will notice a change in your lips, but it may be far more subtle. On the other hand, you could be one of those big reveal images that make you feel as though you can smile bigger and brighter once your treatment is over. Keeping your expectations to the right level is important, and you can use the help of your orthodontist to ensure that you know what your treatment can and cannot do to your lips.

Working With Your Orthodontic Team

Correcting an overbite can take several months to a year or two depending upon its severity. This means that you will have ample time to build a relationship with your orthodontic team. It is important, to be honest about how you feel about your smile from the very first moment you walk through the doors for your initial consultation. This is because your orthodontist can work with you to make sure that your appearance is altered only as much as it is necessary to correct your bite properly.

In some instances, it may be possible to stop your treatment before your bite is fully corrected. Do this if you feel that the appearance of your lips is changing too much. You may have enough improvement to prevent the long-term negative effects of an overbite. Your orthodontic team can also address any of your aesthetic concerns using certain methods. Such as computer renderings of what your smile will look like after your treatment.

Choosing Your Best Treatment Option

During your first appointment, you will talk about the many different ways that you can correct your overbite. For some people, traditional metal wires and brackets are necessary because the overbite is severe. Alternatively, Invisalign might be an option that can offer a more discreet way to correct your bite. With either treatment, you should expect your lips to protrude slightly. This is because of the additional thickness that the appliances place on your teeth. However, this fullness disappears as soon as the appliances are removed. At King Orthodontics, we address aesthetic issue every day. We know how important it is to love your smile.

Contact us and let us know about any concerns that you have about orthodontic treatment affecting your facial structure. We will help you find a solution for your overbite that leaves you ready to show off your favorite asset.

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What Will Braces Do To My Lips? 2017


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