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Teeth not showing while smiling. [Will braces work?]

Overbites are a common orthodontic problem that causes your top teeth to overhang your bottom teeth. It is a problem that is typically corrected by orthodontic surgery or braces. However, many people try to live their life without getting an overbite repaired. Is this a wise decision or should they turn to an orthodontist to help them out?

In this blog, you’ll get an insider’s look at the world of overbites. You’ll understand why they occur, the problems they cause, and how solutions like Invisalign can beat them for good. So if you have an overbite you are just trying to ignore, please read on to find out why that is simply not a very good idea.

The Causes of Overbites boy

Overbites occur mostly due to genetic predisposition. If your parents had an overbite, you are more likely to suffer from one yourself. An overbite will form if your upper jaw grows out further than your lower jaw. Typically, this problem won’t be noticeable until you start to increase in age. Most overbites will be noticeable by the time a person is in middle school. They then end up at their most pronounced at the end of high school.


One thing about overbites that is important to remember is that they won’t suddenly form later in life. As they are tied so intrinsically to the early growth of your skull and jaw, it isn’t possible to develop one without early warning symptoms. These include a difficulty closing the mouth, problems chewing food, and recurring cavities throughout your teeth.



Ignoring an Overbite

As we mentioned above, some people try to live with overbites or simply ignore them. If you think you can manage that, you should know the troubles you are likely causing yourself. For example, you are more likely to:

  • Develop severe orthodontic problems
  • Require heavy teeth correction later in life
  • Fall victim to mocking from other people
  • Cause more serious damage to your teeth

So should overbites be ignored? While many people can live their whole lives without correcting an overbite, they should be treated sooner rather than later. They simply cause too many frustrating and annoying problems with teeth to leave them alone.

While not among the most damaging or severe orthodontic problems, the concerns they do cause will make them an issue that must be addressed with a professional. While there are many treatment methods for overbites, it is worth briefly touching on the problems they cause before discussing solutions.


Problems Caused by Overbites

Typically, overbites are not a severely critical concern. However, they can be an aesthetic problem that causes a person to feel self-conscious. Individuals with overbites may feel ugly or think that people are mocking or making fun of them. For example, Queen singer Freddie Mercury was very conscious of his overbite and always hid it with his hand when he smiled or laughed.

Beyond aesthetic concerns, overbites can cause orthodontic concerns such as worn teeth or even misalignment. As your top jaw is so far over your bottom one, your teeth simply won’t line up in the healthiest manner. Those with overbites also often suffer from problems such as awkward chewing capabilities, clenching their jaws, grinding their teeth, or persistent decay.

As a result, all of these problems can quickly add up to a frustrating situation that can be devastating to a young person’s mental health. The younger that the overbite becomes apparent, the more emotional damage can occur. Thankfully, it is possible to manage an overbite through various orthodontic procedures. We’ll outline these solutions below to give you an insight into how to handle this problem.


Solutions to Overbites

There are two main ways that overbites are corrected. We will briefly touch on them now to give you a look at how they can help you. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each method.


Traditional Braces

These teeth correction tools have been around for decades and use wires and metal studs to pull your teeth into better position. For those with a minor overbite, they can be a useful tool for correcting minor alignment issues. Pros of this method include:

  • Less expensive implementation
  • Relatively pain-free treatment
  • Well understood treatment method

There are negatives to this method, however, which include:

  • Some initial installation pain
  • Ugly aesthetics while wearing them
  • Damage to the teeth underneath the metal studs


King Orthodontics

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These invisible teeth correction tools have become very popular with a wide range of people. They are quite different from traditional models because they don’t use ugly wires or metal studs. Instead, they come in the form of a removable mouth guard. Just a few of the advantages of using these tools include:

  • Essentially invisible look
  • Easy removal
  • Simple cleaning methods

However, there are downsides to them as well. These include:

  • Higher price to install
  • May not be covered by some insurance
  • Take longer to go into effect


Making a Choice

Choosing between these two treatment types is a matter of preference. Talk to your orthodontist about which method is right for you. In this way, you can get the teeth correction that you deserve.



As you can see, ignoring an overbite isn’t a wise decision. While they don’t threaten your health and are rarely a severe concern, they can be frustrating and difficult to manage. Even worse, it is possible for you to bite yourself accidentally or to suffer from other orthodontic problems caused by a severe overbite.

As a result, it is a good idea to talk to your orthodontist about procedures that can manage this problem. We already mentioned Invisalign and braces as a treatment for this concern, but you can also get your overbite surgically corrected. In severe cases, this is often the best solution because it corrects the misalignment more quickly and helpfully resets the jaw.

If you think surgery is necessary for your overbite, please contact us at King’s Smiles today. We can provide you with the guidance you need to manage your orthodontic problems for good. Make an appointment today for a visitation. This step will help prepare you for the elimination of your overbite for good.


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Teeth not showing while smiling. [Will braces work?]

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