It’s Your Turn!

October 26, 2022


Did you have braces in the past? Remember the day the doctor took them off? Your face hurts from smiling so much. Your teeth felt huge and really smooth. It was AMAZING! But in the months and years that followed you might’ve forgotten (or refused!) to wear your retainer. Consequently your teeth have shifted, and now you’re hiding that once-amazing smile. 

Are you ready to get your smile back?

Well, there's great news for you! It is never too late, whether you’d like to fix your smile for a wedding, reunion, career advancement or just to feel your best. With new advancements in orthodontic treatment, you don't have to do it the same old way. Adults tend to have two main concerns: how much will treatment cost and how will you look through the process. Our treatment options will address both:  

For the cost conscious, we offer limited treatment options. What does that mean? Well, are you looking to fix just your front teeth and you don’t really care about the back? Did one of your front teeth move? Do you only want to straighten your top two? We can help with that! As an adult, we understand that full orthodontic treatment isn’t always desired, our treatment options allow you to fix only those aspects of your smile that matter most to you. And because we’re pin-pointing your treatment we can help you at a lower cost than if we were focusing on your entire mouth. We will always share all of your options with you so that you can make the most informed decision possible. 

And, if you are cosmetically minded, many of our adult treatment recommendations utilize Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign is nearly invisible. No one needs to know you are wearing aligners or in orthodontic treatment! People will, however, notice your confidence boost. You can also eat what you please without the fear of food getting stuck or damaging your braces because the aligners are removable. 

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Don't let them get the wrong impression because you're too ashamed to show it! Perfecting your smile is a very individual process, let the professionals at King Orthodontics help you. You'll never regret fixing your smile, but you may regret how long you waited. 

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