What’s Best Age to See an Orthodontist? [2017]

Whether you know that your child needs to have their teeth straightened or not, the only way to be 100 percent certain is to take them to see an orthodontist once they reach a certain age. These orthodontist visits are essential to the ongoing development of your child’s teeth. They will help you determine when your kid should have their teeth straightened and which solution they should use.

When Your Kid Should Have Their First Orthodontic Visitchild in treatment

Orthodontics can help you identify the ongoing health of your children, which is important to be aware of as your child’s teeth are still growing in. As such, it’s recommended that children have their first visit to an orthodontic office around 7 years of age, which is when the teeth and mouth as a whole are still in the development phase.

Any orthodontic associates that work with you will be able to determine if your children are suffering from any bite issues while some of their baby teeth are still in. Knowing this information early in your child’s life may allow them to avoid braces later on. Even if no bite issues are present, a visit will help you as a parent to know whether or not your child will require some sort of teeth straightening application during their adolescent years.


One of the main reasons as to why a visit is recommended by age 7 is due to the fact that the position and straightness of baby teeth are surprisingly helpful in understanding more about how the permanent teeth will grow in the mouth. Bite issues and alignment problems in baby teeth are likely signs that these issues will continue to subsist with permanent teeth. How these baby teeth fall out and when they do so are also very important factors to determining whether or not your child’s teeth are going to grow in properly. There might also not be enough room in the gums for these permanent teeth to grow in, which an orthodontic associate should be aware of as early as possible in a child’s life.

An orthodontic exam will be able to identify any possible issues that are already present. It could display them in the future, allowing you as a parent to take action ahead of time. Even if your child’s teeth appear straight at first glance, there’s a good chance that they could be misaligned in some way. This could be the result of any number of underlying issues, from deep bites and open bites to cross bites and tooth crowding.


These issues can actually be pinpointed and corrected before the adult teeth grow in. This may actually allow your kid to avoid needing braces or some other orthodontic treatment. Seven is the best time for a first visit because the baby teeth have developed enough for orthodontists to evaluate if your child’s teeth, bite, and jaw are positioned properly. Even if no future treatment is required and no underlying problems are present, an orthodontic exam at an early age allows you and your kid to have the peace of mind that they will continue to have a beautiful smile.


The Importance of An Initial Orthodontic Exam

Every aspect of how baby teeth grow to how and when they fall out is absolutely essential to understanding if orthodontic treatments are going to be necessary in the future. Even the location of these teeth is important. The orthodontists will need to know if there’s enough room for the adult teeth to grow in. Baby teeth act as a foundation for the permanent teeth that follow. If the foundation is solid, your children should have nothing to worry about. However, if this foundation is underlined with issues, current and future treatment might be required in order to make sure that the permanent teeth are as straight as possible.

An orthodontic associate will need to examine your child’s mouth while they still retain their baby teeth so as to understand whether or not the teeth will remain in good health. If the jaw is misaligned, better positioning will help to improve airways as well. There are numerous benefits associated with an early visit and orthodontic exams with hardly any downsides. Once you’ve made the decision to take your children to the orthodontist’s office when they are around the age of 7, it’s important that you understand which questions you should be asking. Also, what to expect during this initial visit.


The first visit is so fundamental to the continued health of your child’s teeth. You’re going to want to cover all of the most important questions. From treatment time-frames and potential treatment methods to possible costs. The questions you ask now will keep you more informed for the future.


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Your Concerns

The most important things to discuss with the orthodontic associate you visit are any concerns you may have in regards to the development of your child’s teeth. Some of your concerns might indicate that treatment is in order. Try to note if your kid:

  • Has difficulties with biting or chewing
  • Has issues with speaking
  • Loses their baby teeth earlier or later than they should
  • Sucks their thumb
  • Has a jaw that moves or even makes sound at times
  • Has misplaced or crowded teeth
  • Is suffering from a facial imbalance
  • Clenches or grinds their teeth
  • Has teeth that don’t meet properly or even at all
  • Has jaws that protrude or are placed too far back
  • Bites the roof or their mouth or even their cheeks at times


If any of these issues are present with your kid, it’s essential that your orthodontic associate is aware. If you believe that it’s time for your kid to visit an orthodontist, contact us at King Orthodontics today. You can schedule your initial consultation with Dr. King and start your child on the path towards straightened teeth.


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What’s Best Age to See an Orthodontist? [2017]

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