Invisalign Timeline to Treatment [2018]

Once you have shown an interest in getting an Invisalign treatment, there are quite a number of things that you will need to be aware of before deciding on going through the entire treatment. To get this information, you need to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

Invisalign Timeline

The Initial Appointment? There are two purposes for going for the first appointment:

  • It is your opportunity to get answers about Invisalign alignment that no one can answer but a dentist. Questions like “How much does the treatment cost?” or “ How long will the treatment cost?” can only be answered by a dentist.
  • It is also a chance for the dentist also to confirm if the chosen treatment is a good choice for your dental condition.

This process is an important part of the Invisalign timeline because an Invisalign-aligner is just one of the many treatment methods that are used to straighten the teeth, and they cannot treat every dental problem. Sometimes, other methods offer some advantages that you might not have known; that is why the first appointment is crucial because it serves as a learning session for the dental treatment.


Are Consultations Free?

When you call a dental clinic to book an appointment, it is good always to ask if there are any charges for the consultation. In some cases, you will find dentists offering complimentary consultation sessions. In this session, you will only have a few minutes to talk to the dentist; you might have 15 minutes or the complimentary session.


Your Dental Records

Before a plan for your dental treatment is made, your dentist will need to collect some information about the structure of your teeth and the dental problems you might be facing. Some of the data they will need include x-rays, photographs, bite registration and dental impressions to name a few.


Bite Registration

Although your dentist may have a perfect image of the upper and lower teeth alignment, the dentist has to understand how the two sets of teeth come together. That is the reason as to why this record is important to take.

In taking a bite registration, your dentist will spread a fast-setting paste so that you close the teeth and the paste will record how your bite looks like. Alternatively, your dentist might take a scanner and capture how your teeth come together.



For the Invisalign-aligner treatment, a set of eight pictures have to be done for each case which includes a photo of your side full-face, photos of your front and side teeth close-ups (closed teeth) and photos of each dental arch on the lower and the upper rows of teeth.


Invisalign aligner

Dental Impressions

To make a dental impression, an impression putty is placed on a tray and then squished over the gums and teeth. The desired imprint will be complete, as it will record both the upper and lower dental arch.

Optical or dental images can also be submitted for the impressions if the clinic has the proper equipment. For this to take place, an optical camera is moved over the teeth to capture your image. Some patients prefer this process instead of having the traditional impressions.

Apart from its simplicity, the advantage of optical impressions is that it is more accurate, which will lead to more accurate aligners. Additionally, the impressions can be exported to other forms, which helps to speed up the treatment plan and its production process.


Time Spend to Take the Records

Taking the dental records usually takes approximately an hour or an hour and a half of the time of appointment. The dentist’s assistance will be in charge of this process.


When are Payments Made?

Some dentists ask for a down payment once the appointment is complete. But you should avoid being caught off guard; always inquire about any charges before going to the appointment.


Invisalign-prescription and Manufacturing

Your Invisalign timeline to treatment ends once the data collection is over. The submission of a prescription form will be in sequence. This prescription will specify your current status, how the dentist wants the manufacturing company to handle your treatment.

The records are then sent to Align Technology electronically for the braces or aligners to be manufactured. If your records like the dental impressions were taken using another means and not digitally, they would ship the casts to the manufacturing company.

At Align Technology, there will be a digital scan that will upload the digital data into the 3-D printer. After the virtual modeling is complete and an evaluation of your prescription form is complete, an on-screen will showcase will exhibit how your treatment will look like.

Once your dentist sees the virtual model, an OK will be given to the model through the Align Technology ClinCheck-software. If there are any changes, your doctor will submit them. You can also ask to check the simulation when it comes.

During the manufacturing of your dental casts, the process may involve the development of between ten and thirty pairs of casts. Each cast is usually a representation of a stage that your teeth will take during the treatment period. Once the process is complete, all the aligners that you will need for your treatment will be sent over in one shipment to your dentist.


Time Taken to get the aligners

There are certain factors that determine how fast your records will be used to develop your braces or aligners. The first one is the speed at which your dentist evaluates your simulation and the submission of any changes. If some requests for certain changes exist, then it might take a couple of days for the changes to be added, which will also have to be given an OK by your dentist.

In most cases, your orthodontist may get your aligners after three weeks or in a more realistic timeline. 4 to 6 weeks will be the optimal timeline.


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Invisalign Timeline to Treatment [2018]

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