Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey #9: Miley Cyrus

Celebrity's-Ortho-Journey-King9Celebrities are people too, just ask Miley Cyrus.

This teen phenomena turned adult pop superstar wasn’t born with perfect teeth. Although she was known as “Smiley,” her adult teeth grew in with some orthodontia work needed. Although she could have opted for basic braces, such as invisible braces Fairborn, she looked for a more hidden solution.

In the Limelight

Miley was in the spotlight as a child, leaving little room for an awkward phase. Her demanding schedule consisted of auditions, music and television appearances even before she hit it big with the “Hannah Montana” sitcom. As her adult teeth grew in, they needed some adjustment to make her smile more uniform and to fix her bite. Although she was a gorgeous young lady, orthodontic involvement made her look even more famous.

Incognito Solution

With her career in mind, Miley decided to try Incognito braces. Unlike traditional braces attached to the front teeth, these braces were installed on the inside of her teeth. If you look at braces before and after pictures, you’ll never notice she had braces on. However, the changes to her teeth were apparent. As she grew older, the teeth and bite slowly came into a better position, providing her with a more symmetrical smile and facial features.

Topping it Off

Because Miley remained in the spotlight into her adult years, she wanted to make her smile even more brilliant. After straightening them with braces, she chose porcelain veneers. As subtle covers on her already beautiful teeth, these veneers simply perfected her smile for the cameras. When you’re in Hollywood’s glare, the teeth need to be as white and clean as possible. Between braces, proper care and veneers, Miley has a smile that lights up a room. Your teeth could have the same look with the right orthodontia care.

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Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey #9: Miley Cyrus

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