Will Vaping in 2019 Really Ruin (My Teeth?)

August 29, 2019

If you've recently started to vape, you've likely done so because it's considered to be healthier than smoking. Since an e-cigarette produces vapor as opposed to smoke, you'll almost certainly find that the adverse effects to your health are much less severe. However, using an e-cigarette can still cause some issues with your oral health and general health, which you should be aware of before you continue to use this type of product.

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How Vaping Affects Your Teeth

  • When you use an e-cigarette, the vapor that's produced is much better for your health than smoking. However, nicotine is still used in many e-cigarettes, which can create a variety of issues with both your oral and general health. When you come into contact with nicotine, your blood flow will lessen and the soft tissues around your mouth won't receive the oxygen and nutrients that they require. If you use e-cigarettes on a regular basis, you may find that your gums begin to recede. This may eventually cause the root of your tooth to become exposed. In the event that the root of the tooth is exposed, eventual tooth decay is possible.
  • The vapors that are burned with e-cigarettes can lead to the release of certain inflammatory proteins within your gum tissue. This may result in the development of such oral diseases like periodontitis. This is a severe gum infection that damages the gums and may even destroy your jawbone. If you want to avoid suffering from a condition such as this, it's highly recommended that you reduce the amount of time that you vape.
  • Another effect that vaping has on your teeth is that the reduction of blood circulation will cause issues with your mouth's ability to eliminate bacteria. If there are too much bacteria in your mouth, such oral health issues as decay and infection can occur. If these health problems are not dealt with early enough, it's possible that you will experience tooth loss and other severe problems with your general health.

Nicotine Indeed

  • Nicotine may also lead to dry mouth since it reduces the flow of saliva. As previously noted, dry mouth is a common complaint among those who vape whether or not their vape juice contains nicotine. One can only guess that the addition of nicotine could make it even worse. Drinking enough water throughout the day, chewing sugar-free gum or sucking on sugar-free hard candies are good ways to ensure you’re producing saliva. Saliva is essential for washing away cavity-causing bacteria. Chronic dry mouth is a recipe for tooth decay.
  • Nicotine is stimulating and similar to all stimulants, it exacerbates bruxism (teeth grinding). The nicotine content in e-cigarettes is relatively low in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. However, if you do clench and grind your teeth normally, keep an eye on the problem to make sure it’s not getting worse. Teeth grinding can cause premature wear of your enamel, cracked or chipped teeth, jaw pain and headaches.

How it Compares to Smoking

  • In general, vaping is considered to be much better for a person's health than smoking. However, this does not mean that you will be perfectly healthy when you use e-cigarettes. You're still going to come into contact with nicotine and can suffer from health issues that are caused by the burning of the vapor. Which is why you should attempt to limit how much you vape if it all possible. When you vape, you will generally have much less of a risk of suffering from tooth damage and gum disease than if you smoked.
  • It's important to understand that studies are still being done on e-cigarettes given the relatively young lifespan of this alternative way to smoke. While some research has indicated that using e-cigarettes is largely harmless to a person's health, other studies have come to conclusions that differ substantially. Among the best aspects of using e-cigarettes in comparison to smoking is that tooth stains should be much less of an issue.
  • While smoking will cause stains to develop on your teeth, this shouldn't be the case when you vape. However, it's still important that you brush and floss regularly if you want to keep your teeth from staining. If you are a habitual user of e-cigarettes, it's essential that you speak with your orthodontist about the potential problems that are caused by them.

Symptoms to Look Out For

  • Even if you vape relatively consistently, there's still a chance that you won't experience any problems with the health of your mouth and the rest of your body. Even so, you'll want to be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that the health of your teeth and gums may not be as good as you imagine. Your chances of suffering from some type of health issue as a result of using e-cigarettes will substantially increase the longer you vape.
  • Among the most common symptoms associated with using e-cigarettes is halitosis. Which is a condition that causes a person to display bad breath over a lengthy period of time. Your breath may be able to return to normal if you stop using e-cigarettes.

There's More Vaping...

  • If your gum tissues aren't receiving the nutrients that they require, you might also begin to experience some bleeding, redness, or irritation within the gums. These areas could also become tender or swollen over time and likely won't subside until you stop using e-cigarettes. If the health of your teeth has deteriorated too much, it's possible that your teeth will become loose and wobbly.
  • In time, these loosened teeth could start to fall out. The receding of gum tissue is also exceedingly common. This is among the first signs that you might be going through health issues because of how much you vape. The best way to curtail complications from using e-cigarettes is by visiting your orthodontistor dentist regularly. This is to make sure that your teeth and gums are in excellent condition. You should also be honest about how often you vape.

How to Maintain Your Teeth and Gum Health

  • If you want your teeth and gums to remain healthy while you are vaping, it's very important that you properly maintain them. To do so, you'll want to brush and floss at least twice every day. You should also think about using mouthwash once every day. This gets rid of some of the bacteria that can build up in the mouth.
  • If you want to keep your teeth from becoming stained, search for toothpaste and mouthwash that contains fluoride. This substance will keep your teeth looking white and clean. You should avoid any foods and beverages that are high in sugar. Alcohol can also be bad for your teeth, which is why you should limit your consumption of the beverage.

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Will Vaping in 2019 Really Ruin (My Teeth?)

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