Visit the Dentist [During Orthodontic Treatment?]

March 31, 2015

Going through orthodontic treatment is an exciting process. Patients understand that at the end of the process, their teeth will be even, straight, and more functional, and they will likely have an enhanced appearance as a result. Some orthodontics patients feel that there is no need to visit a dentist during treatment dentist  

UPDATED 6-12-17

They decide to temporarily halt dentist visits until their braces come off. This, however, is a bad decision that can have damaging consequences. Here are a few reasons why you should keep seeing the dentist while going through orthodontic treatment.

Maintain Regular Dental Hygiene

While an orthodontist will keep a close watch on teeth being aligned while in braces, it is very important for a patient to continue having regular dental checkups during treatment. Before braces were applied, other teeth may have been developing cavities, or cavities may begin during the braces period. Dentists need to do a thorough examination to ensure that previous filings are maintained and that any new fillings are promptly addressed. Leaving cavities unfilled to grow larger can lead to abscesses, root decay, nerve damage, and other problems. Twice yearly exams are vital while wearing braces. Some orthodontists recommend more frequent dental visits, such as every three months, to monitor teeth more closely.

Professional Tooth Cleaning

During orthodontic treatments, it is easier for food crumbs and sticky residue to wedge between the brace wires. Or stuck in tiny crevices between the teeth in treatment or regular teeth. Since braces make it more difficult to reach these areas, special brushing and flossing techniques are recommended. Still, dental practices provide more frequent, special cleaning. One that reaches these inaccessible places to remove particles that can cause calcification and eventual decay. Areas covered by braces need careful attention, as well, to ensure that there are no unsightly debris marks remaining after the braces are removed at the end of the treatment period. Special dental tools can get at hard-to-reach spaces the typical person cannot access. Which is why it is important to get professional dental cleanings routinely during this time.

Check for problems

In addition to taking care of the teeth that don't have braces. The dental practitioner can examine those teeth for signs of any problems that may or may not be related to the braces treatment. For example, if wisdom teeth begin to emerge, a plan of treatment and possible extraction can be discussed, possibly including consultation with the orthodontic practitioner. Orthodontists often take a team approach to dealing with other oral issues or tooth problems that may be identified during the period the patient wears braces. Palette issues, a tied tongue, or loose teeth should be evaluated as needed rather than waiting for the braces to come off. If everything that is going on in the mouth is forced to wait several months for braces to be removed, problems may develop or escalate, requiring more time or money for treatment. It is better to take care of issues as they arise rather than letting them go, even temporarily. orthodontist

Maintain a Schedule

Patients who are involved with orthodontics treatment may feel that is the most important dental concern to focus on. While it is definitely important, it is just as necessary to keep up with routine dental exams and screenings. Getting out of the habit of having teeth checked, x-rays, and treated as needed about twice a year can start a bad habit that will continue after the braces are removed. People who haven't gone to the dentist's office for a while may decide it is not that important and stop going. Or go only intermittently. This can be very harmful to oral health overall and teeth in particular. For example, what if a cancerous mouth tumor begins, and the patient mistakes it for a cold sore? If the jaws begin to ache or click while chewing as a sign of TMJ, the problem may grow worse without evaluation and treatment.

Here's the Kicker

Periodontal disease, receding gums, and exposed nerves are additional problems that can be overlooked, depending on the patient's age. Good oral hygiene is essential for everyone, but especially for those with braces. Regular dental exams not only provide checkups to ensure the teeth are in good condition. They also are opportunities for valuable reminders, training, and products from dental assistants and hygienists working in the office. They can offer helpful maintenance suggestions and new oral care products. Products like specially designed toothbrushes and supplemental mouth rinse that the patient may be unaware of. Going without dental care and advice for the period of orthodontic treatments is definitely not advised by King Orthodontics.

Maintain active patient status

When a dental patient stops coming to the office for regular exams, sometimes a dental practice will put him or her on inactive status. If the practice fills with patients, the inactive ones might not be able to reserve their spots.  It is best to maintain active patient status with a dental practitioner. This is so you can continue getting good care on a regular basis. Dr. Sam King will support recommendations like these to protect your teeth during and after treatment with braces. Proper preventive care helps to keep problems away while maintaining strong, healthy teeth during and after the placement of braces for corrective realignment. Check out orthodontic treatment Fairborn practitioners offer more information about preserving your teeth.

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