Why Mail Order Braces Fall Short (READ HERE)

September 28, 2018

Why mail order braces fall short. When you have an amazing set of teeth, it not only boosts your confidence, but it shows to people that you keep your dental health in check. For those who have dental issues, they need to get solutions from an orthodontist to bring their smiles back and enjoy life in its simplest form. woman pondering In the recent years, there have been several developments on straightening teeth. One of them is a do it yourself approach. This option came about for those who thought it unwise to spend a lot of money on an orthodontist to evaluate the teeth, create a mold for the aligners, and then get the braces. This procedure allows an individual to avoid the entire process. This includes visits to the clinic, by getting the device straight from the comfort of the home sofa. The DIY concept is appealing to people who find it wasteful to spend money visiting an orthodontic clinic. Some of the devices that are ordered come in half the cost they get from an orthodontic office. In some cases, the DIY option which is also referred to as a mail order option appeals to people who fear visiting orthodontists. Although this procedure is common among some people, some people are reading it for the first time. Below we hit on some facts as to why this method falls short.  

Some of the questions about this treatment methods may include:

  • What exactly are mail order orthodontics?
  • How do they work?
  • What are the benefits of this treatment in the long run?

What are Mail Order Braces?

Orthodontic products that are purchased and delivered from the comfort of your home are called mail order orthodontics. The reasoning of the above is that you save money by cutting out the 'middleman.' The problem with that is, the 'middleman' is a highly trained orthodontist who has spent 3 extra years after dental school to master the art of teeth straightening. The orthodontist knows your mouth and what you would need for perfection. The package that is sent also has a kit that has instructions on how to deal with the treatment by yourself. So, once someone who buys the aligners receives the package, he or she has to follow the guidelines written. For instance, the person will have to make an impression of the teeth for the production of the devices to take place or visit a store and do it with an x-ray. Impressions should always be done by an orthodontic office. There is an army of professionals to ensure the smooth and correct impression taking occurs. Doing this by yourself is open to mistakes leading to incorrect aligners arriving and onward to ill-fitting devices and extra work from an orthodontist. For this options, aligners are purchased instead of braces so that individuals can straighten their teeth without the need of dealing with metal brackets in the mouth. Invisalign is one excellent option that is offered; it is clear and works just like the braces. Orthodontists make dental impressions of the aligners, but due to their cost, most people are not able to afford them. It is important to note Invisalign is only available through an orthodontist, what you get from mail order brace companies is not this product but can be described only as similar.  

How do They Work?

For the first stage with mail order braces, the patient will receive a kit for them to make a 3D impression of their teeth; this happens at a cost. The patient will then send the impression made for production to the respective office for an evaluation to be done. Then a decision to be made on whether the person meets the guidelines or requirements for the Invisalign. In some instances, the patients are asked to provide photos of their teeth. Once the evaluation process is passed, the mold is sent to the factory, and the aligners are created based on the recommendations that are provided to the manufacturer. The aligners are then shipped to the patient’s residence with instructions on how to wear them. More details about the longevity of the aligners are written down in the kit. So that a new set of aligners are produced when the time comes, and the process goes on. For each aligner that is sent to the patient, it will shift the teeth at intervals so that the teeth are straightened slowly. You will also be told about the time of day when you need to wear them and when you should not. After a short period, like one or two months, you should see an improvement in your teeth. It sounds great right, let’s find out.   man smiling  

What are the benefits of this treatment in the long run?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Now, in the mail order process, the representative don’t just supervise the process. If you have any queries, you can make a call. The company will evaluate the mold. But an evaluation of dental disease like periodontal diseases which are supposed to be checked before using aligners will NOT be done. These representatives only evaluate the impression you sent and the photos that accompanied the kit. There might be some issues raised, but no underlying issue can be spotted without a face to face evaluation. There are specialists in these companies who claim that they can detect dental problems through this process. Some specialists request to see records of previous visits to orthodontists before they send the aligners. All of this is nothing compared to an expert orthodontists opinion as he or she has an infallible knowledge of the mouth and jaw.

There's more...

  TWITTER BUTTON   Generally, one of the benefits of these aligners is the low costs. Most mail order braces companies charge approximately $2,000 going up for the aligners, depending on the straightening in question. If you visit an expert, you will definitely spend more. But when you read reviews of some patients who say that mail order orthodontics damaged their teeth and they paid more to the orthodontists to repair them, it a questionable option. In the long run, DIY patients will end up paying more than the cost they had budgeted for. So, this makes it hard to make the mail-order orthodontics treatment beneficial. The American Association of Orthodontics does not support this mode of treatment. Because it raises questions about how people assume that going cheap is the best option. Orthodontists in the same breath are keen in telling patients about the importance of consistent supervision when using an aligner to straighten the teeth. Using the recommended option, specialists will make any necessary adjustments when they see potential damage in your teeth. If there are underlying dental issues, they can quickly spot them and advise on the way forward before treatment is administered.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LxbkAGgfz8


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Why Mail Order Braces Fall Short (READ HERE)

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