Tooth brushing Mistake No.2

March 5, 2015

tooth brushing mistake

Tooth brushing Mistake No.2: “Not Picking the Right Bristles“

Many dental patients work vigorously to obtain perfect teeth. They would like to have the brightest smiles, and the straightest orthodontics in the world. Unfortunately, not all dental patients are aware of the correct way to protect one’s teeth. A person who means well can make a tooth brushing mistake that can cause his or her teeth to gather bacteria, which will eventually cause the need for an extensive dental visit. Improper teeth can cause the need for orthodontics treatment, as well. The following describes a common tooth brushing mistake that many people make, which is choosing the wrong bristles.

A Toothbrush Is not a Toothbrush

One of the most common incorrect mentalities about tooth brushing is that all toothbrushes are the same. That thought could not be further from the truth. In fact, the bristles are the most crucial parts of a toothbrush because they control the level of cleanliness that the user obtains. Stores offer three types of toothbrush bristles: soft, medium and hard. The firmness that a dental patient chooses depends on his or her dental health and how that person’s mouth responds to tooth brushing. Medium and soft bristles are for people who have gum or teeth sensitivity because of Centerville Orthodontics procedures or oral deficiencies. Medium and soft bristles are the best choices for such people because it prevents them from causing bleeding during their brushing sessions. Hard bristles are for persons who have a strong and healthy mouth. A toothbrush with a hard bristle can be quite effective in removing stubborn layers of plaque.

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.2

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