Three Reasons Your Orthodontic Braces Are Still On

February 3, 2015

Orthodontist When an individual’s teeth or jaw construction do not fit together correctly, orthodontic treatment may be needed. Conditions, such as crooked teeth, or malocclusions, and bite misalignments may cause improper chewing, speech problems, teeth and enamel erosion, and even the occurrence of teeth or jaw joint injuries. The main reason people see an orthodontist is not because of health issues, but because they want a great smile, and the resulting higher self-esteem. Orthodontists have specialized training that helps them diagnose problems and develop effective treatment plans. Those of you who have had braces may be waiting for the day when they will be taken off. Unfortunately, some people find themselves wearing braces longer than expected. Read on to find the top three reasons your orthodontic braces are still on.

Misdiagnosed Condition

Not all orthodontists share the same skill set or have the detailed experience that a patient might desire. The straightening of teeth is not an exact science and there are not always clear-cut approaches for teeth problems that are more complicated. Two different orthodontists may arrive at two distinctly different proposals on how to proceed with your treatment. Some orthodontists are more focused on speed than quality. One orthodontist near me may be very “hands-on” and involved, while another might be clinically reserved. When you are seeking out an orthodontist near me, choose from candidates who have the highest credentials, licensure, and insurance. Those of you considering braces in Centerville, Drs. Jack King and Sam King, are noted orthodontic specialists, both Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics, practicing at King Orthodontics in Centerville. Common conditions, such as overbites, or buck teeth, are easier to treat than severe malocclusions which often require a judgment call from the treating orthodontist. If you are planning on getting braces in Fairborn, the first few visits to King Orthodontics will include extensive evaluations, such as: • Medical and dental evaluations to make sure that any prior dental or medical concerns are taken care of prior to the beginning of treatment • Casting and bite impressions that create a working model of each tooth’s position, and its relationship to other teeth, for the orthodontist’s systematic review • X-rays that display the exact positioning of every tooth and its root, and also reveal any prior damage to the jaw joint • Computer generated images which give the orthodontist to identify how treatment plans may affect the face shape and jaw symmetry • Photographs to record the treatment progress These evaluations allow the orthodontists, skilled at providing Braces Centerville, to make an exact diagnosis on the most effective and suitable way to straighten teeth. Orthodontist can also misdiagnose when it comes to the type of braces that an individual needs for successful treatment. Technology has given patients more options for wearing braces, but they are not always equal when providing results.

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are still the most common, and for individuals who have substantial bite problems or seriously crooked teeth, metal braces are more effective than ceramic braces. If patients want their teeth straightened as quickly as possible, metal braces are their best option. Today’s metal braces are made with high-grade stainless steel, and they are smaller, and much more comfortable, then they used to be.


For most cases, ceramic braces made of translucent material, are effective. With clear braces, the adhesive that holds brackets in place can become stained if the person smokes or ingests dark drinks. Clear braces are more expensive than metal braces.


Invisalign involves a series of clear aligners, constructed from a computer simulation, to steadily move the teeth. Adult patients, and some teenagers with specific bite problems, can benefit from this orthodontic treatment method. This option is trendy, very expensive, and not the right treatment for many individuals. Invisalign® is removable, but requires extreme dedication on the part of the wearer, to be effective. Not all orthodontists have a great deal of experience with this procedure. If you have been asking yourself, where is an orthodontist near me? Call the orthodontic specialists at Kings Orthodontics in Centerville. Drs. Jack King and Sam King are proud members of The American Board of Orthodontics, the American Association of Orthodontics, and the American Association of Orthodontists.

Treatment Issues

Orthodontic treatments typically take from six months to three years, with the average patient completing the process within two years. Orthodontists usually provide an estimated time frame at the beginning, but it is not unusual for treatment to take longer than anticipated. If any invasive treatment is recommended by the orthodontist, like pulling a number of teeth, or jaw surgery, get a second opinion. Make sure that any invasive treatment is absolutely necessary before continuing. In some cases, less invasive, or alternative, treatments are available with much lower risk involved. Ask the orthodontist for pictures of cases that have received similar treatments to yours. Talk to former patients, if possible. If you are getting braces in Fairborn, read the testimonials from former patients at King Orthodontics. Patients often impact their own treatment time as successful orthodontic treatments require cooperation. Missing or changing appointments, delays progress, as treatment requires regular adjustments. Patients who consistently arrive late hinder technicians from being able to complete scheduled procedures. Any delays in scheduling surgeries, extractions, or other necessary procedures will add weeks or months to the estimated time frame. At some time during the orthodontic treatments, most patients experience a bent wire or bracket. The quicker the issue is taken care of, the less time will be added to the process. Cooperative patients will follow the instructions of the orthodontist with regard to wearing rubber bands and aligners. Oral hygiene is critical during treatment. Teeth and gums must be brushed and flossed two to three times daily to prevent food from becoming lodged in the braces. Mouth guards need to be worn to protect the braces whenever contact sports are played, such as soccer or football. The doctors at Kings Orthodontics, the best for Braces Centerville, will keep you informed of your progress, and will have a good idea when your braces will be coming off once they observe how well your teeth are responding to treatment. Orthodontist


Orthodontists estimate treatment times based on the complexity required for the straightening process and the normal response of teeth moving to orthodontic brace adjustments. Typically, a minimum of three weeks is required for tooth movement to occur, which is why adjustments are often scheduled every three, or so, weeks. Some people have teeth that move more rapidly than others, and in some rare cases, patients have a condition, ankyloses, where teeth don’t move at all. Delayed tooth eruption affects the accuracy of treatment planning and can delay the treatment schedule. Oral surgery may be required if adult teeth don’t come in on their own, delaying the teeth adjustments. Biological responses vary, and even the brilliant orthodontist, and a diligent patient, will find that nature has its own timetable. Rest assured, a day will come when your teeth are correctly aligned and your braces will be removed. On that day, you will look in the mirror and feel fabulous.

Contact a Best Orthodontist in Centerville

When looking for an orthodontist in Centerville, don’t forget to contact King Orthodontics, because we offer a wide variety of options. In addition to Invisalign Teen braces, our orthodontist will be able to provide Invisalign pictures to help you see what your teeth will look like in the future.

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Three Reasons Your Orthodontic Braces Are Still On

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