Why Justin Bieber & Other Celebs (Use Invisalign)

November 23, 2018

Why Justin Bieber & other celebs use InvisalignSo many celebrities these days are turning to alternative methods of improving their appearance. One of the hardest appearance factors to change can be your smile. But if it's so hard, then why are more and more celebs getting great smiles seemingly overnight? Many celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, are turning to Invisalign instead of tradition braces to correct the alignment of their teeth. justin-bieber But what's so great about this method of smile repair? Not only celebrities can benefit from using this popular alternative to traditional approaches when it comes to straightening your teeth. Can you benefit as well?  

Justin Bieber and Co. Try a New Alternative

Those in the spotlight, from movie stars to the most popular musicians, are now turning to new ways of improving their smile. Oprah Winfrey, for example. This media tycoon doesn't have time to stop filming, directing, or running her own enterprise to take a break while using tradition smile-improving techniques. She's not the only one who has realized the benefits of using clear aligners like those offered by Invisalign. Everyone from Justin Bieber to Tom Cruise and Gisele Bundchen to Khloe Kardashian has paid a visit to their orthodontic specialist. They do this to make sure they are getting the best results in the least amount of time. All this without the discomfort and diminished appearance of more traditional approaches to teeth straightening. Others turning to this innovative treatment:
  • Eva Longoria – Desperate Housewives star
  • Zac Effron – High School Musical star
  • Katherine Heigl – Grey's Anatomy star
  • Serene Williams – Tennis Champion

No Ugly Appearance

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional methods of teeth straightening is the appearance. A mouth full of metal is not very attractive. Whether you are heading out to the red carpet, Time Square on New Years' Eve, or even just your high school every day. When wearing these clear aligners, most people won't even be able to notice that you are correcting your smile until you tell them. It's not just the ugly, bulky look of metal braces you have to worry about. These traditional methods also make it very easy for food to get caught in them which isn't just ugly, but it can be very embarrassing. You can avoid this potential embarrassment by avoiding clunky metal mouth-ware altogether.   TWITTER BUTTON  

Shorter Treatment Time

Typically, if you were to treat the same type and severity of crooked teeth with traditional methods it would take much longer. In fact, it could take as long as 5 years. Not only straighten the teeth but make sure they stay in place long after you have the metal brackets, wires, and bands removed. With treatments such as this, the time it takes to get the smile you want is dramatically shorter. In fact, it can be achieved in as little as 12 months. This is one of the biggest reasons why famous people are turning to new treatment like this, as they don't have a lot of time to spend perfecting their smile. The faster they start treatment, the faster they will see lasting results. Plus, they can have that brilliant smile that every celebrity needs and wants. You don't have to settle for years of torment with brackets and wires just like actors, musicians and other popular stars don't have to either. Here is a blog about the ways to make yourself more comfortable when wearing them.  

Other Benefits

The shorter treatment duration. As well as the appearance factor, Is not the only reason why many celebs, and even everyday people like yourself and your kids, are turning to this radically different approach. There are many benefits to choosing this new alternative to traditional treatments, such as:
  • More Comfort – your mouth isn't full of clunky metal and wires that can chafe and cut the inside of your mouth but also create permanent damage to your teeth and gums
  • Better Vocal Sound – when wearing braces, and the retainers that inevitably follow, the way you speak can change which can make you self-conscious
  • Improved Safety – we weren't meant to have a mouth full of metal. This means that using these kinds of treatments can cause problems such as brackets coming off, wires poking you, as well as cuts, sores, and other painful issues
  • Self-Esteem Boost – most people are trying to straighten their teeth to boost their self-esteem but if you must spend years with traditional brackets, you might actually be doing the opposite
  • Fewer Restrictions – with many traditional teeth straightening treatments, you have to avoid certain foods or eat more of other things and with clear aligners, there are very few restrictions
Each of these is not the only reasons why superstars like Justin Bieber are choosing alternative teeth straightening methods. The very same reasons why you or your child would benefit from this type of treatment as well.  

5 Steps to a Better Smile

Your specialist can help you begin using clear aligners to help straighten your teeth in a comfortable and much faster way. An orthodontist that specializes in this type of treatment can get you started on your new treatments quickly and easily. But how does this process work?

Step #1: Your Initial Visit

Your initial visit will include an exam as well as bite impressions. This allows your dental specialist to work with the company to have your new clear aligners designed for you.

Step #2: Receive and Wear Your Aligners

You will be receiving a series of aligners and you wear each one for two weeks. Each set in the series helps to correct the alignment of your teeth slightly until your teeth are perfectly straight by the end of the treatment plan. You will receive your aligners at your follow up visit.

Step #3: Wear Them

All you have to do is wear the aligners and let them do all the work for you. You can remove them when eating and even to brush and floss your teeth. Have a big presentation? While people won't be able to see them, if you are more comfortable without them you can remove them for a bit and put them back in.

Step #4: Regular Check-Ups

Your orthodontist can make sure you are making progress. They can also check to see if the series of aligners need to be adjusted. Having new ones made if they feel it's necessary.

Step #5: Complete Treatment and Smile!

In as little as 12 months but between 15 to 18 months on average. You can complete your series of clear aligners and have the smile you deserve. You'll need a retainer but it's well worth it once you see the finished result.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_ycnoG0KXo  

Contact Dr. King For a Smile Worthy of the Greats

It's easy to see why famous people like Justin Bieber all over the world are now turning to Invisalign. Most people don't know it's so easy to perfect your smile. With so many benefits, there's no reason why you can't see the same results. The orthodontists at Kings Smiles can get you on the smooth path to a straighter, more beautiful smile in no time at all. If you're in or around Centerville, Ohio visit Dr. Sam King and Dr. Mayerson for a consultation. Contact Us Today Book Your Comp Consultation  

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Why Justin Bieber & Other Celebs (Use Invisalign)

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