Is Breath Spray Okay to Use with Invisalign?

January 27, 2018

Everyone wants a great smile, right? But your kids might be going through puberty and they might feel awkward wearing gawky, metal braces. Now, using the clear aligners, your children will have their teeth properly aligned discreetly. breath spray

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Invisible aligners are very difficult to see from a distance and allow wearers to go about their normal activities without concern. The top orthodontists can answer all of your questions about this great technology. You might want to know if you can use things like alcohol-free, sugar-free breath spray with clear aligners. Here is the answer to this question and much more.

What is Invisalign?

To gradually adjust your teeth, use Clear aligner transparent devices. Orthodontists admit that these alignment molds are best for improving low to moderate crowding or spacing problems. The medical concept for clear aligners goes back to 1945. In 1997, Zia Chishti invented the Invisalign brand. Some people might be kind of scared when they think about permanently fixed metal braces being used to adjust their teeth. The clear alignment process is more complicated but better for gradually improving your teeth alignment. King Orthodontics professionals will answer your questions during each stage of the treatment. Patients will sit down with orthodontists to discuss their present teeth alignment and what they want to achieve with the treatment. Orthodontists will take a bite registration, x-rays and photographs and discuss what healthy teeth should look like. You will make all the important decisions together.

Designed For You

The teeth data will be entered into a computer where computer-aided-design (CAD) software programs will allow you to digitally rotate the tooth to its desired alignment and position. The patient and orthodontist will then discuss the step-by-step stages for tooth adjustments. This gradual approach allows you to fine-tune your teeth arrangement. Metal braces attempt to move all of your teeth at the same time, which can place a lot of stress on your mouth and gums. The invisible aligners are in many ways a more natural process. You can move one tooth a little to one side, then move the next tooth to the space it previously inhabited. Once the patient and orthodontist agree on the alignment plan, they can direct the computer to create the 3D model. Computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) has made tremendous advancements including the development of 3D printing. A technique called stereo-lithography creates the clear aligners. Resin layers are applied one-by-one until each full aligner mold is formed. Multiple aligners will be created to gradually move the teeth stage by stage to the desired position. Each aligner will only move the teeth a tiny fraction of a millimeter.

Why Choose Invisible Aligners?

It is important to discuss all of your options with professionals. King Orthodontics has well-trained staff who can answer any of your questions. Discuss your needs and what you want to accomplish. Clear aligners have become very popular. The entire field of orthodontia can accomplish so much more nowadays. Here are some of the primary reasons for choosing invisible aligners over metal braces:
  • Clear
  • Discreet
  • Custom-Made
  • Gradual Adjustment
  • No Metal
  • Remove When Needed
Mothers can invest in invisible aligners and not worry about their child's emotional well-being. Peer pressure can be intense for teenagers and small differences can be blown way out-of-proportion. Transparent aligners are discreet - no one will know that your child's teeth are crooked. Some people might have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to conventional metal braces. Molds of your child's exact teeth structure will generate custom-made aligners. This allows you to make minor adjustments gradually.   invisalign logo  

What is Medical-Grade Thermoplastic?

Invisible aligners are made of medical-grade thermoplastic. These materials adhere to the ISO 10993 bio-compatibility standards with the ability to dissipate static electricity, resist cytotoxicity and prevent irritation. Thermoplastics are rated by their hardness, tensile strength and tear strength (source: RTP Imagineering Plastics.) The medical-grade clear aligners must be durable enough to resist being worn down by teeth grinding.
  • They must be soft enough, so they won't damage your gums.
  • Must be biologically compatible with your body.
  • Should also resist bacteria accumulation.

When Should I Remove My Clear Aligners?

One drawback to fixed metal braces is that you cannot remove them to eat, brush or sleep. Food gets stuck in the small wire spaces. Temporary custom-made invisible aligners are simply removed when you want to eat, brush and sleep.

How Long Should the Teeth Aligners Stay in My Mouth?

Treatments will vary by each person, but orthodontists suggest wearing the teeth aligners for 18 to 22 hours straight for the best results. Until the stage is complete each mold is worn for two to three weeks. The complete alignment process might take about a year.

Is Alcohol-Free, Sugar-Free Breath Spray Okay?

You should remove your clear aligners when you eat and drink because the sugar will not only accumulate between your teeth and the device but will be pressed into the teeth. This could increase your chances of getting cavities. Alcohol also includes sugar, so you probably should not keep the aligners in when you are drinking. Water and sugar-free drinks are acceptable. Should you remove your clear aligners when using alcohol-free, sugar-free breath spray? Of course, you might want to have good breath for an important job interview. In conclusion, orthodontists have stated that it is okay to use alcohol-free, sugar-free breath spray with transparent teeth aligners. In addition, you don't need to continue to have halitosis (bad breath) or dry mouth. Sugar-free mints or sprays are also fine. In fact, scientific studies have shown that Xylitol mints could inhibit bacteria-growth.  

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So get that dazzling smile you so richly deserve by contacting Dr. King. In fact, your Centerville Ohio orthodontist has invisible aligners and other treatments to help you look your best. Be discreet while fixing your teeth with modern clear aligners.  

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Is Breath Spray Okay to Use with Invisalign?

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