History of Orthodontics

September 30, 2014

Orthodontic Fact #10 The first ever certified orthodontist in the United States is Dr. Charles Tweed from the late 18th century.

18th century dentist The Orthodontist in Ohio takes great pride in straightening out the smiles with braces for kids and teens as well as adults who’d like their teeth straightened. Singles, single mom’s and other parents rest assured that the best dental braces Fairborn can be attained right here at King Orthodontist.

The First Ever Certified Orthodontist

The first ever certified Orthodontist in Ohio lived, studied and practiced right in this state. Dr. Charles H Tweed was born in 1895 and died in 1969 while he spent over 40 years advancing the orthodontics filed. He began his studies at Ohio State University and graduated from the College of Dentistry, and then he attended the School of Orthodontia in Kansas City, MO. He later went on to post graduate work at Columbia University. Dr. Tweed devoted his life to the research and clinical testing of clinical orthodontics. Because of his work, he was made honorary members of many dental organizations around the world. Dr. Tweed lived his life doing good work continually towards improving clinical orthodontics. Though he began his orthodontic work in Ohio, he spent most of his career in Arizona. King Orthodontics strives to follow in Dr. Tweed’s footsteps as the most efficient and effective orthodontist in Ohio. When he died in 1969, he was not forgotten. For a thirty year period he worked harder than anyone to perfect clinical orthodontics, and his good will affected everyone in his circle. Dr Tweed was known to be kind and compassionate to those children who received braces for kids and teens as well as the dentists who came to learn techniques from him.

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History of Orthodontics

Photo credit: Richard Elzey / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
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