Fluoride and Health (9 Fail-Proof Facts to Unlock)

April 17, 2019

Parents often wonder about the effectiveness and safety of dental products that they use on their kids. While you may hear many different things about fluoride, the truth is that there are many benefits that it has for the prevention of tooth decay. Once it became known that fluoride is great for the prevention of cavities, many cities began to include it in the public water supply.   water glass   Living in an area with fluoridated water already puts your child one step ahead when it comes to taking care of their oral health, and you can use this guide to get the FACTS straight about how to use other products that contain fluoride when your child already gets some in their household water.

How Does Fluoride Help Teeth?

Fluoride is naturally present in the environment, and it plays different roles in helping to keep teeth cavity-free that depend upon where your child’s teeth are in the different stages of development. Before your child’s teeth break through the gums, fluoride helps to build up the enamel so that they are strong. Once the teeth emerge, fluoride continues to work on helping to prevent acid erosion by remineralizing the teeth.

Drinking Versus Brushing With Fluoride

It’s natural to be curious about whether your child still needs to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride when they drink it every day. Drinking fluoride generates what it called a systemic effect. The fluoride enters your child’s body systems where it begins to do its work on strengthening teeth. There are also supplements that people who do not get enough fluoride in their water can take to achieve a similar effect. Brushing and rinsing with fluoride products has a topic effect that is very similar to applying medicine to your skin. It begins to work right away on the specific areas of the teeth that it touches.

What are Other Sources of Fluoride?

Fluoride is found naturally in small quantities in bodies of water such as lakes and streams. You can also find it in your food supply. Often, the water that is used to can foods is fluoridated, and vegetables can be another source. Keep in mind, however, that the amount of fluoride in food and drinks should not be enough to cause harm to kids.

Is Fluoride Really Safe for Kids and Teens?

One area where it is important to get your FACTS straight is regarding the safety of using fluoride. Today, there are many myths that are circulated throughout the media, and they are simply untrue. Fluoride does not harm children or lead to issues such as behavior problems or difficulty learning. Most people never even notice that they eat and drink fluoride on a regular basis. It is important to trust recommendations that are provided to you by your child’s orthodontist. If fluoride is included in their treatment plan, then it is there for a good reason.

Is Fluoride Really Safe for Kids and Teens?

Fluoride has no effect upon your child’s braces, and this is true for all types of orthodontic appliances. Whether your child wears metal brackets and wires or a plastic aligner tray, we only place appliances in a child’s mouth that are made from durable materials. You will also enjoy knowing that fluoride actually helps your child get the best results from their orthodontic treatment. Kids who wear braces are more prone to cavities. Adding an extra layer of strength against acids in the mouth helps them to love their teeth when they finish their treatment.

Is Fluoride Really Safe for Kids and Teens?

The old rule of thumb used to be to brush your teeth at least twice a day. While this works well for adults without orthodontic treatment, the truth is that your child needs to brush much more often than that. Typically, we recommend that children brush their teeth four times a day. This should happen after each meal and again before bed. This helps to ensure that no food is left behind in the mouth. And your child should use a product that contains fluoride in it to increase the benefits of their oral hygiene routine.   TWITTER BUTTON  

How Do I Choose Oral Hygiene Supplies?

The supplies that you provide your child to brush their teeth should always be proven to be safe and effective for protecting tooth enamel. Start by looking for the ADA seal of acceptance on the products that you choose. You can also ask your child’s orthodontist for a recommendation on a toothpaste that is good for them to use during treatment. In addition to toothpaste, your child also needs dental floss or special flossers that are designed to be used around metal wires and brackets.  

Will My Child Still Need Fluoride Treatments?

Every child’s orthodontic and dental needs are different. When we see that a child has a high rate of cavities or early tooth decay, we may need to take action. Typically, this involves having your child continue to drink the water at home and use their hygiene products with fluoride. On top of that, we may prescribe a special mouth rinse that also contains fluoride. Since the liquid solution is better able to get into the spaces between your child’s teeth.

What Else Can I Do to Care for My Child’s Teeth?

The best thing that you can do to care for your child’s teeth is to continue to monitor their oral health and hygiene routine. Be sure to stick with those regular checkups. And ask your child to let you know if they experience signs of a problem such as noticing staining around their brackets. With most types of issues that can arise with orthodontic treatment, early care tends to help us provide solutions that stop decay before it gets worse.  

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Fluoride and Health (9 Fail-Proof Facts to Unlock)

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