Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey #5: David Beckham

October 23, 2014

sports with bracesThe number of teenagers playing sports seems to increase every year.

Whether your teens play basketball, football, hockey or any other sport, you love cheering them on from the sidelines. Teen athletes often worry that wearing braces and other oral appliances will keep them from performing their best and may increase their risks of suffering from some common mouth-related injuries. If your teen feels the same way, introduce him or her to some of the different types of braces and talk with your teen about David Beckham.

David Beckham Wore Braces?

David Beckham was already a superstar in his native England, but when he married a former Spice Girl named Victoria Beckham, he obtained a new level of fame. While Victoria launched her own clothing line, Beckham continued playing soccer. The two later moved to the United States when he signed a deal to play soccer in Los Angeles. The professional athlete now has his own clothing line, several colognes and millions of dollars in the bank. In 2012, he also appeared in public with a new set of braces on his teeth. Seeing Beckham sporting one of the different types of braces might convince your teen to follow in his footsteps.

Is There an Alternative to Braces?

When you come in and talk with us about improving your own smile or helping your teen, we can go over the alternatives with you. Invisalign is the top alternative to braces. It features a clear device that fits over the teeth and works in the same way that braces do. In addition to Invisalign, we also offer Invisalign Teen, which is a special appliance designed to fit the growing teeth and mouths of teens. Your superstar athletes can even wear the appliances during games and at high school dances.

Helping Dayton Residents Every Day

Here at King Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on helping residents of Dayton every day. When it comes to orthodontic treatment Fairborn residents know that we are the best of the best. We encourage our patients to come to us with questions and to feel comfortable before we begin work. Find out more when you call our local office today.

Make Your Appointment Today

King Orthodontics is your trusted source when it comes to the field of orthodontics. Visit our website to discover the services that are offered and learn more about the dedicated professionals that are waiting to help you get the smile you deserve. Set up your first consultation for a thorough evaluation. From that point, you can learn if braces are for you and discuss the types of braces that are available. From colored braces to clear aligners, you have many alternatives that can help you to have a smile you will be proud of. You’ll be excited when it’s time to flash your pearly whites for the camera and any occasion, thanks to our team at King Orthodontics.

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Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey #5: David Beckham

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