At what Age Do Baby teeth Normally Fall Out

January 6, 2015

Orthodontist Most mothers worry when their children still have their baby teeth. There is a lot of confusion regarding the age when baby teeth should fall out. When is the last one supposed to fall out? Could you predict an order in which the teeth will fall out? Should you look for orthodontic treatments? Who are the best orthodontists for Braces Centerville? Does your child need braces in Centerville or braces in Fairborn? If you’re asking yourself “When should I visit the orthodontist near me?", following points will answer all your questions –

What Is The Correct Age For Baby Teeth To Fall Out?

Basically, this is the general age in which the teeth would start falling out, including the gap periods in between - ➢ 0 to 3 years – All 20 baby teeth appear ➢ 3 to 6 years – No activity ➢ 6 to 8 years – Primary 8 baby teeth fall out ➢ 8 to 13 years – Remaining 12 baby teeth fall out • Up to 3 Years – Another name for the initial baby teeth is ‘primary teeth’ and they appear when your child is about 6 months old. Usually, these will be the central lower incisors. The last baby teeth would appear between 30 – 36 months (3 years) and these are the second upper primary molars. When you child is about 3 years old, there would be 20 baby teeth in their mouth. • Between 3 to 6 Years – For the next 3 years or so, i.e. 3 – 6 years, there will be no change in your child’s baby teeth. All the 20 teeth would have possibly grown and none will fall out at this age. • Between 6 to 8 Years – This is the time when a lot of things happen in your child’s life, particularly from the teeth perspective. First of all, you will see about 8 primary teeth falling out one after the other between the age of 6 and 8. After that, you can expect a lull period for some time. • Between 8 to 10 Years – In the two years between 8 – 10 years of your child’s life, you will notice a pause in the teeth falling activity. Don’t be thrown off by this pause because it is completely normal for this lull period to occur. Many parents go to their child specialist because they think something is wrong with their child. However, it is nothing to worry about. • Between 10 to 13 Years – This is the time when your child will lose all their baby teeth. In these 3 years, the remaining 12 baby teeth would fall out.

What Is The Correct Order For Baby Teeth To Fall Out?

You will always notice that there are exceptions to the correct order of the baby teeth falling out but generally, it follows the same pattern – ➢ Around 6 Years – Central upper and lower incisors ➢ Around 7 Years – Lateral upper and lower incisors ➢ Around 10 Years – First upper molars and lower canines ➢ Around 11 Years – First lower molars ➢ Around 12 Years – Upper canines; and second lower and upper molars • Around 6 to 8 Years - The front 4 teeth in the upper and lower arch would be the first to fall out between 6 and 8 years of age. The 2 central lower incisors would be the first to go at around 6 years of age and they would be followed by the 2 central upper incisors around the same time. Then, you can expect the lateral lower and upper incisors to appear between ages 7 and 8. This means that when your child is about 8 years old, they would have lost their 8 baby teeth and would have 8 permanent incisors instead. • Around 8 to 10 Years – During these 2 years, don’t expect any activity. • Around 10 to 12 Years – After the short break, the first upper molars and the lower canines would be lost. It would then be followed with the lower molars around 11 years of age. The second molars, upper canines and second lower molars fall out around the same time around 12 years of age.

How Important Are Actual Ages?

The ages given above are simply averages for children. You might find your kid losing baby teeth quite quickly as compared to others. Some kids lose their baby teeth at a slower pace than their peers. There are many 10 year old children who have no baby teeth left and there might be several 14 year old children who still have a couple of their baby teeth left. Basically, the pattern of the teeth falling out is a lot more important than the actual age. Orthodontist

When To See An Orthodontist?

“When is the right time to see an orthodontist near me." is the question most mothers ask. The answer is – if your child’s baby tooth has fallen and it has been more than 3 months but you don’t see the permanent replacement growing, you should seek orthodontic treatments. It is also important to consult an orthodontist if the correct order is not being followed. When your child reaches the age 7, you should set up an orthodontist appointment, just to ensure that everything is in order.

What Problems Are Solved By Orthodontic Treatments?

If you are looking for braces in Fairborn or braces in Centerville for your child, you might seek an orthodontist. Problems like crooked teeth, missing teeth, tooth loss issues, crowding, et al are solved by orthodontists. Cosmetic problems can be corrected at an early age with the help of braces Centerville. Sometimes, interceptive procedures might be used by the dentist to correct these flaws. If your child has reached 7 years of age, you can visit King Orthodontics for making sure that everything is growing as it should. The appointment would include a thorough inspection of your child’s teeth. It is a very friendly atmosphere where your child is educated about good oral practices as well. So, call King Orthodontics now and ensure that your child’s oral health is at its best.

Contact a Best Orthodontist in Centerville

When looking for an orthodontist in Centerville, don’t forget to contact King Orthodontics, because we offer a wide variety of options. In addition to Invisalign Teen braces, our orthodontist will be able to provide Invisalign pictures to help you see what your teeth will look like in the future.

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At what Age Do Baby teeth Normally Fall Out

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