9 Signs of a Good Orthodontist (EPIC LIST 2019)

January 25, 2019

Learning that your children need braces to correct dental problems means that you'll have to find an orthodontist. Of course, you might obtain a referral or recommendation from your regular practice. But you still want to vet the professional yourself to discover if this individual is the right fit for your family. Evaluating certain criteria can help you to determine which orthodontic specialist is the one with whom you'll schedule an appointment.   open sign  

Fulfilling 'Good Orthodontist' Criteria

Before you even consider making an appointment with an orthodontic specialist, you must ensure that the professional has the most basic of credentials. An orthodontist needs to have a degree from a dental school followed by the proper training at a specialized school for the field. Ensuring that the specialist with whom you're planning to schedule an appointment has these necessary credentials is of utmost importance. Scheduling an appointment with someone who does not have the right training is taking a major risk with your children's health and safety. You may also want to look into any additional expectations of orthodontists that are mandated by where you live. You can look into the American Board of Orthodontics to help narrow down your options for proper care.  

Evaluating Professional Experience in the Field

Ultimately, you have to decide what level of experience you're comfortable with when booking an orthodontic appointment for your children. Choosing a professional who has decades of years of experience can help to expedite the process. In other words, these orthodontists may have seen many similar cases in the past. Thereby allowing them to know the best method. On the other hand, orthodontic professionals who have recently finished school may have a stronger sense of the latest technologies and methods. You may wish to schedule consultations with a few different orthodontists to see which level of experience makes you the most comfortable.  

Offering Multiple Options

If you had braces as a kid, you might remember that all of your friends and yourself had the same sets. You likely recall the metal brackets and wires. Nowadays, however, more options exist. For example, your children might be candidates for brackets that go on the back of the teeth. Or they may have the option to get Invisalign. While you can't know what method of treatment will work until you meet with the professional, you do want to select one that at least offers options. One of the good signs is a practice that offers more than one treatment method.   TWITTER BUTTON  

Creating a Friendly Atmosphere

Learning about braces is sometimes an experience that makes kids feel a little bit intimidated. Therefore, you want to select an office that provides a friendly atmosphere. Since many people get Invisalign and other similar procedures when they are children or teenagers, plenty of offices gear themselves toward this population. If you walk into a practice and it feels cold and uninviting, you may want to reconsider continuing with this particular orthodontic specialist. When kids feel welcome at the practice, they might express greater eagerness to ask questions. And they may have less overall trepidation about the process.  

Involving Your Children

Ultimately, you have to play a major role in this process, but you also want to consider orthodontists who really involve your kids. While you are going to help your children to take care of their teeth, they need to take on a significant amount of responsibility. As a result of this need, good orthodontists should talk directly to kids about how to tend to their teeth. If you visit orthodontists who are essentially ignoring your children, you should look into other practices. Helping your kids to feel that they are a part of the process can assist in alleviating their concerns too.  

Exuding Patience

Working with kids involves the ability to exude a great deal of patience. If you notice orthodontists losing their patience in even the earliest of amounts, they probably aren't the right fit for your family. Chances are that both you and your children have questions about the process. You want to ensure that the tools are properly taken care of and that you are making follow-up appointments as necessary. Selecting a practice with a patient staff overall is sure to make the experience more pleasant as well.  

Scheduling Appointments with Ease

Many parents feel as though their schedules are totally packed, and you likely fall into that category. Having to endure a convoluted process to simply make an appointment is one of the signs that a particular office is not the right fit. Calling up to schedule an appointment should be a streamlined process. In fact, many practices allow patients to make appointments online. This is so that you can do so with greater ease and at a time that works for you. Get a sense of how the office handles the scheduling of appointments early on in the process.  

Perfecting the Combination

When you go to a medical professional, you are likely looking for someone who has a blend of expertise and people skills. The specialist whom you select should also behave in this manner. Selecting a specialist who knows the necessary technical skills is of utmost importance as you want to prioritize health. However, you also need to work with an orthodontist who will speak to your family members with the respect and sincerity that they deserve.  

Detailing an Organized Plan

You may find that some such professionals appear to go about their tasks in a haphazard manner. Which can just generate more stress for everyone involved in the process. While situations may arise that require a change in the plan, you should feel confident that the specialist has a clear sense of direction. Having a plan can make you feel more secure and confident. And this controlled atmosphere can calm your kids as well.


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9 Signs of a Good Orthodontist (EPIC LIST 2019)

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