5 Things For an Ideal Bite (FACTS HERE)

August 23, 2018

What Does an Ideal Bite Look Like? Having an ideal bite can be as important as having straight teeth. Correcting your bite alignment will provide you with the ability to avoid some of the health issues that can occur with a bad bite. When an orthodontist talks about your bite, they are referring to how the top of your teeth align with the bottom of your teeth when they are closed. Knowing if you have an ideal bite or not will help you decide if Invisalign or braces are right for you. toy teeth and gum  

What Should Perfect Teeth Look Like?

When you're wondering "what should perfect teeth look like?", the answer depends on which area of your teeth you're looking at. When both rows of teeth are closed together, practically 60 percent of your bottom teeth must be visible. If your upper incisors cover the lower teeth, it's possible that you're suffering from a deep bite. If the upper row of your teeth doesn't sit well on the lower ones, you may have an open bite. The upper row should be slightly wider than the lower row. The ideal bite can also be determined by looking at the top of your bottom portion of teeth, which you can do by looking down at them when in front of a mirror. From this point of view, each tooth should be positioned properly without any issues of spacing or overlapping. The same is true for the upper row of your teeth. The side of your teeth should also be looked at. The pointed ends of the top row should rest between two teeth on the lower row.  

How to Achieve a Correct Bite Alignment

There are a variety of effective solutions that will help you obtain an ideal bite. The most commonly used solutions include braces and Invisalign. Both options have their benefits. Metal braces are glued to your teeth for the duration of the treatment period until your teeth have moved into their proper position. The result of these movements should be an ideal bite where the teeth are positioned correctly. The average treatment time for this solution is around two years but can vary depending on the extent of the movements. As for Invisalign, this solution is highly sought after because it uses clear aligners that are practically invisible. These aligners can be removed whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth. The aligner trays must be changed every two weeks in order to provide your teeth with incremental movements. In time, your teeth will be altered to their correct position. With both of these treatments, you will likely need a retainer to keep your bite in the ideal position. This retainer can be removed at will and is usually meant to be worn solely at night. When you wish to obtain the correct bite alignment, both of these orthodontic appliances will help you reach this goal. When you attend the initial consultation with your orthodontist of choice, they will take a scan of your teeth to identify what types of movements need to occur. Once all of the proper measurements have been taken, you will be given a detailed look at the costs of the treatment as well as its duration. During this first consultation, you should ask any questions you have about the treatment and how to achieve an ideal bite.   ?

There is So Much More...

How to Know If Your Bite Has Issues

The three most common types of bite issues include an open bite, a deep bite, and a crossbite. A deep bite is a type of severe overbite that results from your upper set of teeth hanging almost entirely over the lower row. An open bite is one where most of your upper teeth don't come into contact with the lower ones. While one portion of your teeth should never hang over the other, your teeth should come into contact with one another without overlapping when your mouth is closed. A crossbite occurs when the upper section of teeth is too narrow or too wide for the lower row. This issue can result in upper teeth that are situated in a substantially different direction than the lower teeth. It's also possible that you suffer from a standard underbite or overbite. An overbite occurs when the front portion of the upper row of your teeth drape over the lower row. An underbite results from the lower set of teeth protruding over your upper teeth. These two orthodontic issues are among the easiest to fix because of the relatively straightforward movements that need to be made. The duration that you wear an orthodontic solution depends on the severity of the crossbite or underbite.  

Benefits of Obtaining An Ideal Bite

With the usage of modern technology, correcting a poor bite is simple and easy to do. You have various options at your disposal and can select the one that best suits your needs once you've spoken to an orthodontic specialist. There are an array of benefits available to individuals who have an ideal bite. For one, your smile will be improved and your confidence will be bolstered. Bite issues are also known to cause problems with speech, chewing, and digestion, all of which dissipate with an ideal bite. A poor bite has been proven to cause an undue amount of strain on the facial muscles, jaw, and teeth. This strain can be avoided when you obtain a proper bite. You'll also avoid issues with biting your cheeks, tongue, or lips when chewing or talking. Some additional problems that can be caused by a poor bite include:
  • Regular headaches
  • Tooth fractures
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Wearing down of teeth

See an Expert

An orthodontic specialist can tell you if these issues are being caused by a bad bite. When you want to improve your bite and enhance your smile, contact our experienced orthodontist Dr. King at King Orthodontics to schedule an appointment. We want you to obtain the ideal smile.

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5 Things For an Ideal Bite (FACTS HERE)

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