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When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

At What Age Do Baby Teeth Normally Fall Out?

Losing baby teeth is simply a part of life and it can be fun for kids especially when they get visits from the tooth fairy. The thing about baby teeth however is that they don’t all fall out at once.

While these teeth usually form around the age of six months old steadily until your child reaches around three years of age. At this time a child should have around 20 teeth which will remain unchanged until they turn 6 to 8 years of age.


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During this time kids will start to lose their baby teeth. Kids will continue to lose their primary teeth until they have reached the age of between 10 and 13 years old. The time in which kids actually lose their baby teeth will vary from person to person and it really is unusual to see a child at the age of 14 with a few of their molars still left.

Certain things to watch for include making sure that teeth are coming in to replace these primary teeth. If a new tooth has not started coming in three months after a child has lost one of their primary teeth there could be a problem and this can cause them real discomfort especially if there is a large gap in their teeth.

Other issues can come into play when baby teeth aren’t lost in the right order. The sequence for primary teeth loss usually involves the lower and upper central incisors followed by the lower and upper lateral incisors, then the lower canines and first upper molars, followed by the lower first molars and the upper and lower second molars with the upper canines following, being  the final teeth to be lost and replaced.

When these teeth fall out of order this can lead issues when new permanent teeth form in your child’s mouth.

This can mean that these teeth require adjustment with the help of braces or an orthodontic appliance as they may grow in a different pattern and without other teeth to support their growth and make sure that they grow in correctly and align with other teeth.

A good age to get your child in to make sure that everything is progressing normally with the help of an orthodontist is around the age of seven years old. At this time an orthodontist will be able to predict the way that permanent teeth will grow in as well as assess just how your child’s smile may look without any form of treatment and the treatment options that are available to them.

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When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

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