Do You Have To Visit The Dentist During Treatment?

Why I should visit the dentist during my treatment?

Even though you’re seeing an orthodontist you are still required to visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleaning throughout the course of your treatment. Many people get confused when they have an orthodontist and feel as though the orthodontist is completing all of the appropriate cleaning and care for their oral care throughout the course of treatment. A dentist is still required to whiten and clean the areas that may be covered up by any type of orthodontic appliance. 

Orthodontic appliances can regularly collect food and build up with bacteria especially after they have been worn for a long period of time.

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This regular cleaning and whitening is very important to making sure that teeth will be in their best condition when an orthodontic appliance does eventually come off.

Not taking care of your teeth when you are wearing an orthodontic appliance can lead to major issues with the progress of your treatment as well as potentially mean that you have cavities or unhealthy teeth and gums when you’re orthodontic appliance comes off. With all of the time, money and effort that you have spent on orthodontic treatment you owe it to yourself to keep up on your oral health and maintain your regular dental appointments as well.

A dentist will have all the appropriate tools that can help you to get into all of the nooks and crannies of an orthodontic appliance to clear away plaque and bacteria. The dentist will also be able to check on your progress and make sure that everything with your oral health is optimum along with your orthodontic treatment.

Identifying spots in which cavities can form as well as conditions such as gingivitis and decalcification all need to be addressed by a dentist and this is why it’s so important to keep up on all of your dental appointments as you normally would as well as your orthodontic appointments.

A dentist needs to be seen at least every six months so that you can get proper recommendations for all of your oral hygiene needs. Seeing a dentist every six months even while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment will help to ensure that your teeth remain as healthy and presentable as possible with your orthodontic appliance on and when it is eventually removed.

If you have any more questions about seeing your dentist during treatment feel free to contact King Orthodontics in Centerville or Fairborn. You can also refer a friend so they can start the path to their perfect smile.

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Do You Have To Visit The Dentist During Treatment?

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