Tooth Extraction: Reasons

Why Do I Need Teeth Removed For Braces

When you want the perfect set of teeth, you might have to get yourself a set of braces. Braces are a type of metallic attachment added to the teeth so that it can force them to grow back into shape. The installation is usually done for aesthetic purpose, though some people require the procedure so that they can correct some oral deformities which affect their oral health as well as the functioning of the teeth.

Some dentists prefer to remove teeth first before they put in braces. There are some underlying reasons for this.


In the instance that the mouth is too small, and the space needed for the crowding is too small, some of the overcrowded teeth may have to be pulled out to create more. This is common in severe crowding, especially for patients who are well above the age of 15, since at this time the jaw and facial structure is already well formed, and the teeth are already permanent.

Protruding teeth

Protruding teeth are such an unsightly feature. Usually, it is the teeth that will affect the placement and look of the lips. Protruding front teeth will cause the lips to move out. At times, this protrusion pushes the lips out so much that it gets hard to shut the mouth completely or to speak properly, not to mention the embarrassment one gets from it. In order to get the lips back in shape, some of the teeth on the upper jaw will have to be removed so that the teeth are pushed back by the braces to get the perfect smile.

Overbites and underbites

This refers to instances where the upper jaw and the lower jaw are misaligned. In severe cases, one will usually need to have corrective jaw surgery to get the teeth back on track. When there is only a mild discrepancy in jaw alignment, removal of a couple of teeth will usually help, as it will enable the dentist to push the other teeth back on the protruding jaw so that it achieves a more pushed back jaw that is well aligned to the other.

Extra or Missing Teeth

When a patient has some missing teeth, they might need to have the teeth on the jaw with the right number of teeth to be reduced so that they can match the jaw with the missing teeth. Also, if a jaw has extra teeth these will have to be removed too if they affect the tooth structure.

Though the procedure of removing teeth may take a bit longer to heal, it ends up with a permanent result, which will be really appealing to the eye. If you are willing to overlook the pain factor, and some aspects of your facial structure, it might turn out to be a really good option. However, make sure that you have spoken with the dentist to carry out the procedure, and have ensured that there is no other option. You are not obligated to remove the teeth to get braces, since there are modern methods that work their way around the removal of teeth.

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Tooth Extraction: Reasons

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