Tooth brushing Mistake No.8

tooth brushing

Tooth Brushing Mistake #8: Not Following Up with a Rinse

There is much that can be done for healthy, strong teeth that will last for years. Many people take pride in their approach to dental care by brushing twice or three times a day. That is a good start. However, it is just as important to rinse after each brushing for maximum protection of the teeth.

Why rinsing is necessary

Effective tooth brushing loosens debris and removes food residue that can cause plaque. A common tooth brushing mistake is to brush the teeth a minute or two, spit out the pasty foam, and end the process there. However, the mouth should be rinsed to get rid of particles scrubbed off the teeth by a toothbrush. Rinsing can be done with a dental rinse recommended by your orthodontist. Alternately, teeth can be rinsed with plain water, if preferred.

Orthodonts usually encourage a mouth rinse of several seconds following each brushing. This helps to keep the teeth and braces free of any sticky residue or bacteria that was loosened by brushing but may settle on the teeth afterwards unless rinsed away.  It is also emphasized that daily cleaning and rinsing while wearing braces, as sticky food residue can get stuck in the wires and expose teeth to bacteria. Orthodontics patients are taught to brush and rinse twice or more daily.

Orthodontic Treatment

King Orthodontics recognizes the far reaching complications associated with unhealthy teeth and gums. Children are especially susceptible to missing hard to reach areas in the mouth. It is important to teach them to effectively brush the inner surfaces to ensure their overall body’s health.  It is imperative for those with braces to remove all the built up plaque on the teeth, even the inner tooth surfaces. The wires on the braces can cause plaque to get trapped underneath and left unattended, permanent white stains will appear on previously perfect teeth.

King Orthodontics is available to help with any questions or concerns. The exceptional orthodontic treatment offered here will make that ideal smile a reality.

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.8

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