Tooth brushing Mistake No.10

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.10: “Not Changing the Toothbrush Often Enough”

Proper tooth brushing is essential for perfect teeth and the pearly white smile everyone adores. There are several steps that can be taken between visits to your orthodontist. Many people are unaware of the common tooth brushing mistake of not changing their toothbrush often enough. Currently, the American Dental Association states a new brush should be used at least every three to four months to avoid this tooth brushing mistake.


Orthodontics explains that plaque and germs can be left in the toothbrush and overtime they can be redistributed back onto your teeth. The bacteria can lead to serious infections if the brush isn’t changed often. Additionally, your orthodontist recommends changing your brush when:
• You are recovering from illness
• The bristles are bent or broken
• You are recovering from tooth infection
• The brush is dropped on unclean surface

When the bristles are bent or broken, the cleaning effectiveness will decrease. Children’s toothbrushes tend to need more often changes as they brush too hard and damage the bristles easily. Additionally, they are more prone to dropping the brush on surfaces where bacteria and germs are picked up. Proper brushing becomes even more important when the patient has braces. If plaque remains on the teeth, possibly hiding under the braces, it can leave a permanent white scar on the surface. Your orthodontist may additionally provide the patient with special fluoride gel that will help prevent the de-calcification around the brackets of the braces.

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.10

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