Smile in the Mirror to See a Big Difference – Yoko Ono

yoko ono

Yoko Ono is a peace activist who believes that beginning the day with a smile makes a difference in your life. If you want to see a beautiful smile each morning when looking in the mirror, then visit an orthodontist to straighten your crooked teeth. No matter whether you are a mature adult who missed out on wearing braces as a teenager, or a child just getting your permanent teeth, there are orthodontic treatments to repair your malocclusions.

Wear Invisalign Aligners

Today, there are simple treatments to fix an underbite, including wearing clear Invisalign aligners that are customized using a three-dimensional X-ray computer system. An orthodontist can create aligners designed for adults who have stopped growing or teenagers who grow rapidly. If you are an adult who needs to wear traditional braces instead, then it is possible to wear clear Damon System orthodontic devices.

Smile at Your Reflection

You might think that wearing braces for as long as four years is difficult to do, but it is a short amount of time when many individuals are living to an old age. By undergoing treatment to straighten your teeth now, you can smile at your reflection in the mirror each day for many decades. In addition to smiling at yourself in the mirror, you can smile at others to brighten their day.


Yoko Ono


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If you live in Ohio, then it is easy to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist at Kings Orthodontics. In business since 1953, you can request a complimentary consultation with either:

Dr. Sam King
Dr. Jack King

You can choose to visit the Centerville or Fairborn locations to learn more about ceramic orthodontia or Invisalign aligners. You can schedule an appointment with a telephone call to 937-433-0830 or by using an online form at the Kings Orthodontics website.

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Smile in the Mirror to See a Big Difference – Yoko Ono

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