Removing Teeth [For Braces]

Many patients are extremely reluctant to have any teeth removed in order to get the perfect smile. Removing teeth is sometimes something that is required in order to get an orthodontic appliance fitted. Sometimes it is to make sure that a person can receive their ideal smile. There are a few reasons why teeth may have to be extracted in order for patients receive braces. These reasons we will cover in this article.


Why do I need teeth removed for my braces?

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Every patient that comes in for orthodontic care has two sets of teeth. The baby teeth or primary teeth and then the permanent or adult teeth. Orthodontists will generally look at the number of teeth that you have in your mouth and take stock of how many of them are primary teeth as well as how many of them are permanent teeth. 

Because baby teeth usually fall out at a certain age. If they still hold on inside the mouth they can cause serious orthodontic issues later on in life. An orthodontist may be required to remove some of these baby teeth to speed up the process or to properly fit an orthodontic appliance to the permanent adult teeth.

If patients come in for orthodontic care before their permanent teeth are fully grown in, an orthodontist may be able to prescribe a solution to simulate permanent teeth until they are able to impact and actually grow in. In most cases, however, the removal of these primary teeth will spur the growth and development of permanent teeth. Thus ensuring that braces can be fitted.

Occasionally permanent teeth also need to be removed in order to properly fit an orthodontic appliance. One of the main reasons for the removal of permanent teeth is crowding. This condition is when teeth are all forced to take up space where there is no space available. In order for this condition to be corrected an orthodontist will either need to increase arch sizes or reduce the number of teeth in a patient’s mouth. Permanent teeth can be removed to provide the necessary room to fix crowding issues.

Other Reasons

Teeth can also be removed due to protrusion as well as overbite or underbite. In the case of underbite or overbite jaw sizes may be mismatched. And when there is no room for a jaw to move inward or outward teeth may need to be removed to allow for the proper amount of space.

These are just some of the reasons why teeth may need to be removed in order for a patient to receive braces. If you have any more questions about the process of receiving braces and why you may need teeth removed please consult King Orthodontics in Centerville or Fairborn today.


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Removing Teeth For Braces

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