Invisalign Your Way to a Weapon Grade Smile 2017


A Smile is a Powerful Weapon; You can Break Ice with it!

Your smile is one of the most important reflections of who you are. You can have the best clothes, the trendiest hairstyle and the clearest and most radiant skin, but it’s your smile that can make or break a first impression. A warm smile can break the ice when you’re trying to connect with someone. Invisalign can help with this.

If your teeth are crooked or crowded, you may feel self-conscious and choose to keep your mouth closed at all times. Unfortunately, by holding back your smile, you are hiding back a part of your soul and preventing an opportunity to connect with a human being.

If your crooked or crowded teeth are preventing you from letting people know the real you, it’s time to think about straightening your teeth. Thankfully, you no longer have to suffer through uncomfortable and unattractive metal braces to achieve a perfect smile.

Invisalign Technology

Thanks to Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth effectively without anyone knowing. That’s because this unique teeth-straightening system uses clear plastic aligners instead of rows of clunky metal. The plastic is durable and flexible yet thin and nearly impossible for someone else to detect.

Another enormous benefit of this straightening process is how quickly it works compared to traditional braces. Whereas the old way can take up to a couple of years to straighten teeth completely, Invisalign can take as quickly as half of a year to straighten teeth. This means that you will be able to show off that gorgeous smile sooner than ever.

Unlike straightening your teeth with metal aligners, these plastic aligners can be removed at any time. Your orthodontist will require you to wear them for 22 hours each day which means that when it’s time to eat, brush your teeth and floss, you can take them out easily and painlessly.

Your smile should be a powerful weapon that breaks the ice and draws people in, not a source of embarrassment and shame. If you are ready for a straight and beautiful smile, contact King Orthodontics to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist who can teach you what Invisalign can do for you.


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Invisalign Your Way to a Weapon Grade Smile 2017

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