Don’t Cry Because It’s Over; Smile Because It Happened

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When children learn that they have to get braces, they often express some level of displeasure at the news. They may worry about their smile, physical appearances, pain, how peers will respond to them and so forth. However, when the procedure is over, they will likely smile because of these short and long term benefits.

Brighter Smile

Once children have gone through the process of wearing braces, they will also have after care. Some will need to wear retainers all day, and others will have to put headgear on at night. When they are finished, however, they will notice how how much better and brighter their smiles look. You can help your kids to see the results. Take a picture of their smile before their first visits with the orthodontist, and then get another one after the Invisalign is removed.

Aftercare Assistance

Some parents are worried because they don’t know how to teach their children the right ways to care for their teeth once the Invisalign or meta braces have been removed. At the end of the process, children still visit the orthodontist for some time to assist them in taking proper care of their new teeth. Also, children and parents can continue to ask questions. They can also find out what signs they should be aware of. Sometimes, later in life, teeth can start to grow in improperly again. When that happens, people may need to go back to King Orthodontics to have procedures done again.

Not only do your children get the benefit of a beautiful smile, but they can also learn how to feel more confident in themselves. While they are wearing braces, they will learn about the power of building self-esteem from without, and as they move through the process, they will discover how to connect that externally to their physical appearances. To get started on these short and long term benefits, contact King Orthodontics today.

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Don’t Cry Because It’s Over; Smile Because It Happened


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