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Improve Your Future With a Perfect Smile

Are you self-conscious about your smile? A friendly and genuine smile is an asset and a treasure. Our happiest moments are marked by smiles, from our wedding day and our first job to all the milestones and celebrations of life. Don’t let your smile get in the way of enjoying these precious moments. It is a common misconception that braces are just for kids, but adults can require them as part of their treatment for a variety of reasons.
Invisalign aligner

How Do I Clean My Invisalign?


Invisalign is a revolutionary teeth straightening process. It uses aligners made of thermoplastic that are uniquely designed to match the teeth of each patient. Over the course of approximately one year, the patient will change their aligners just about every two weeks.

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The Smiling World is Brighter 2017

When you are having a difficult day, remember that the world looks better behind a beautiful smile. While you are smiling, your body releases chemicals that enter your brain to improve your overall mood. If you are having problems finding a reason to smile, then watch a funny television program or do something enjoyable.

Invisalign Express for Upper Teeth – The Truth

Invisalign Express
A smile is worth a thousand words. A gorgeous smile with perfectly straight teeth is an important asset that can put the people around you at ease and show them that you care.

However, some people have teeth that are uneven, crooked or crowded. As a result, these people may try to hide their smile from other people as often as possible because they are embarrassed by their teeth.

Some people may only have problematic upper teeth while their lower teeth are properly aligned. These people may wonder if there are options for those who just want to straighten their upper teeth, and what the costs may be compared to a full straightening treatment. If you are one of these people, continue reading.


Traditional Straightening Methods

For decades, people with crooked, crowded or uneven teeth have been relying on traditional metal braces to achieve the beautiful smile of their dreams. These metal braces use brackets, ligatures and wires that apply force and pressure to teeth, gradually shifting them into proper alignment.


Problems with Traditional Metal Braces

While this straightening method is effective, it’s not exactly convenient. For one thing, the metal on the surface of the teeth has a tendency to irritate the patient’s tongue as well as the inside of their mouth. Another problem is that this method can take a couple of years before the patient achieves the results that they desire. Lastly, the sight of large pieces of metal covering the patient’s teeth is not exactly aesthetically pleasing. This can cause them to feel insecure about their smile until their straightening treatment has been completed.


Invisalign Express

The good news is that now orthodontists use Invisalign Express to help patients achieve the straight teeth of their dreams. This straightening method is extremely effective and is a virtually invisible way to bring problematic teeth into proper alignment. It also works fast.


How Does this Method Work?

Instead of relying on brackets and wires, this method uses clear plastic aligner trays made of a material that is thin, flexible and durable. Your orthodontist will use advanced 3-D computer technology in order to make each aligner tray based on a mold of the inside of your mouth. When your aligner trays have been made, you can take them all home at once. Every two weeks, you will switch out one pair of trays for the next, bringing your teeth one step closer to proper alignment.


What are the Advantages of this Straightening Method?

This straightening method has many advantages over traditional metal braces. For one thing, these aligner trays are almost invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth in a totally discreet way.

With traditional braces, patients are advised to avoid some of their favorite foods such as popcorn and candy. That’s because these foods can easily get stuck inside the metal wires of the braces, leading to dental problems like cavities and tooth decay.

However, these aligner trays can be easily and painlessly removed at any time. That means that when it’s time to eat and drink, you can simply pop your aligner trays out. Then snap them back into place when you are done.

Because these trays are removable, you can also take them out when it’s time to brush your teeth and floss. Traditional braces can make it hard to follow a good dental hygiene routine because the metal on each tooth’s surface makes it hard to clean teeth properly. However, with these clear plastic aligners, you can continue your dental hygiene habits just as before.


Invisalign Express



How Fast Can I Achieve Straight Teeth?

The best part about this amazing straightening method is that it works fast. While many patients who opt for traditional metal braces won’t see results for up to three years. Patients who use these aligners can achieve the results that they desire in only three to six months. That’s one of the many reasons that this straightening method is ideal for adults who want to achieve straight teeth in a fast, discreet and convenient way.


Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign Express?

Patients who are good candidates for this program have mild to moderate crowding, spacing and positioning issues. Patients who have very crooked or crowded teeth may need to undergo a different straightening procedure in order to properly align their teeth.


What is the Cost?

This straightening method will cost about the same as traditional metal braces. Depending on where in the country you are located, costs can range from $3,500 to $8,000 with the national average being $5,600. Costs will also depend on how severe your case is. Also, how many trays must be made to accommodate your specific orthodontic needs.

There are different payment methods that your orthodontic office will accept. In some cases, dental insurance will cover some of the cost of teeth straightening treatments. If not, financing options are available. Major credit cards and cash are also accepted payment options.


Can I Straighten Just My Top Teeth?

Many orthodontists will allow you to straighten just your top or bottom teeth. However, if you have a bite issue, correcting only the top or bottom teeth can make your bite worse. Your orthodontist will determine whether this option is right for you during your consultation.


How Much Will It Cost to Straighten Just My Upper Teeth?

If your orthodontist has determined that you can straighten just your upper teeth without aggravating any bite issues, they will probably be willing to charge less for your treatment.



Thanks to this amazing straightening method, you can achieve beautifully straight teeth in a totally discreet and convenient way. The best part about this method is that it works fast.

If you are tired of hiding your smile and are ready to show off gorgeously straight teeth, contact King Orthodontics to schedule a consultation with one of our orthodontic specialists. Our team of trained specialists can develop a straightening plan that is right for you.


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The Truth Behind Invisalign Express for Upper Teeth

Invisalign Your Way to a Weapon Grade Smile 2017


A Smile is a Powerful Weapon; You can Break Ice with it!

Your smile is one of the most important reflections of who you are. You can have the best clothes, the trendiest hairstyle and the clearest and most radiant skin, but it’s your smile that can make or break a first impression. A warm smile can break the ice when you’re trying to connect with someone. Invisalign can help with this.

If your teeth are crooked or crowded, you may feel self-conscious and choose to keep your mouth closed at all times. Unfortunately, by holding back your smile, you are hiding back a part of your soul and preventing an opportunity to connect with a human being.

If your crooked or crowded teeth are preventing you from letting people know the real you, it’s time to think about straightening your teeth. Thankfully, you no longer have to suffer through uncomfortable and unattractive metal braces to achieve a perfect smile.

Invisalign Technology

Thanks to Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth effectively without anyone knowing. That’s because this unique teeth-straightening system uses clear plastic aligners instead of rows of clunky metal. The plastic is durable and flexible yet thin and nearly impossible for someone else to detect.

Another enormous benefit of this straightening process is how quickly it works compared to traditional braces. Whereas the old way can take up to a couple of years to straighten teeth completely, Invisalign can take as quickly as half of a year to straighten teeth. This means that you will be able to show off that gorgeous smile sooner than ever.

Unlike straightening your teeth with metal aligners, these plastic aligners can be removed at any time. Your orthodontist will require you to wear them for 22 hours each day which means that when it’s time to eat, brush your teeth and floss, you can take them out easily and painlessly.

Your smile should be a powerful weapon that breaks the ice and draws people in, not a source of embarrassment and shame. If you are ready for a straight and beautiful smile, contact King Orthodontics to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist who can teach you what Invisalign can do for you.


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Invisalign Your Way to a Weapon Grade Smile 2017

17 Face Muscles to Smile 2017

face muscles
Frowning Constantly Can Lead to Ugly Marionette Lines

If your face and neck feel tired at the end of the day, then maybe it is because you were frowning instead of smiling for the majority of the time. Scientists know that you use 43 muscles to frown but only 17 muscles to smile. When you are frowning a lot, your face muscles will begin to sag, creating what cosmetic surgeons refer to as marionette lines between the corners of your mouth and nose. It is better to smile more, but if you have gaps between your teeth, then smiling leads to embarrassment. However, children, teenagers and adults can visit an orthodontist to improve their smile.

Orthodontic Treatment Can Repair Your Teeth to Create an Attractive Smile

By undergoing orthodontic treatment with either braces or aligners, you can fix your teeth in six months to four years. Adults and teenagers are able to wear aligners for their mild malocclusions, and these plastic orthodontic devices are easy to wear and take care of on a daily basis. A computer software program will create multiple sets of aligners in slightly different configurations. After wearing one set of aligners for two weeks, you will switch to the next pair of aligners.

Use Your Face Muscles to Smile Instead of Frowning

At King Orthodontics in Dayton, Ohio, you can have an expert examination from an orthodontist. We have two locations where you can visit, including:

• Centerville – 937-433-0830
• Fairborn – 937-878-1571

It is possible to have a complimentary consultation to learn more about these orthodontic treatments:

• Self-ligating braces
• Invisalign aligners
• Clear braces
• Retainers
• Orthodontic surgery

We are able to create customized orthodontic devices by using a top-of-the-line 3-D X-ray machine. By having your teeth straightened, you can improve the bone structure of your face along with your smile in order to have a stronger bite.


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17 Face Muscles to Smile 2017

Smile Your Way to Be the Prettiest



A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear

Smile. You may discover that your very own smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. This is ample reason to start paying more attention to the look and overall alignment of your teeth. A bright white and well-balanced simper, guarantees turned heads.

Your Smile Can Convey The Confidence That Will Help You Garner More Attention

Even the most ridiculous of fashion trends can look amazing on certain people. Keeping your shoulders back and your head held high is one way to convince others that you feel good about yourself, but no show of confidence has ever been so convincing as a big and heartfelt beam.

Working with an orthodontist is a great way to improve your self-image and to develop an all-natural and timeless accessory that’s virtually guaranteed to turn heads. Common orthodontic issues such as:

  • Overbites
  • Under-bites
  • Noticeable Gaps
  • Crowded Teeth

Braces and Invisalign can resolve effectively these treatments can help you quickly and discreetly start making major improvements in your appearance. Investing in either Invisalign or braces for improved alignment will show others that you care for and value yourself. It will also give you the ability to constantly project confidence through a beautiful beaming face. And thus feel absolutely amazing, irrespective of what you have on.

Feeling Good About Your Smile

There are so many different emotions that people can communicate with their face and so very much that a grin is able to accomplish. A warm and inviting smile can put someone at ease. Sadly, many people are too embarrassed about the look and alignment of their teeth to flash their smiles confidently. The good news is that it is never too late in life to consult with an orthodontist to establish a feasible and effective, smile enhancement plan.

After all, you wouldn’t step out in your favorite pair of boots without first having a broken heel repaired, nor would you show off your best diamond tennis bracelet if it was held together with a safety pin. Much like any other valuable accessory that holds an important place in your wardrobe, your smile should be diligently maintained. Get in touch with the professionals at King Orthodontics today.

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Smile Your Way to Be the Prettiest

3 Best Hacks to Get the World to Smile Back 2016


A Smile

A smile is a natural asset that everyone is born with. Smiling makes you feel better, as well as those who receive one from you. A great smile can lighten a tense mood or lift the spirits of even a casual observer. However, not everyone has the perfect smile. Due to congenital issues or an accident, some people may be missing teeth or have crooked or chipped teeth. Occasionally teeth will tip or sit crookedly in the mouth. An overbite or under-bite may detract from an otherwise beautiful asset. Fortunately, an orthodontist can address problems like these to give you a dazzling smile that can enhance your image.

Braces Can Help

No matter how uneven your teeth are, or if you are missing one or more teeth, getting fitted with metal brackets and wires can make a huge improvement in your appearance. In a relatively short span of time, your teeth can be enhanced dramatically.

Treatment Options Vary

Orthodontic patients wear braces for varying periods of time. Those concerned about their appearance may decide to wear colorful styles in a playful or fashion-setting way, especially young patients. Older patients might prefer using a near-invisible style called Invisalign, which is barely visible while moving teeth into their correct positions.

Follow-up Care is Simple

After braces come off, patients will love their new look. Daily care includes brushing, flossing, and sometimes wearing a retainer for a period of time to keep teeth in place. Results can be stellar, and well worth the cost and effort.

With convenient options like Invisalign, why not learn more by consulting with a local orthodontist? Contact King Orthodontics for more information about how to optimize one of your most attractive features. Before you know it, your smile will become a beautiful reminder of all that you are within and leave a lasting impression.

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3 Amazing Hacks to Get the World to Smile Back 


3 Ways to a Better, Brighter Smile



One Smile Can’t Change the World, but Your Smile Changes Mine

Few things enhance a person’s face more than a great smile. One way to achieve a great smile is with teeth that are shiny and straight. Not everyone has naturally perfect teeth, but an orthodontist can help almost anyone reach that goal. Giving its patients straight teeth is the goal of King Orthodontics.


The Problem of Misaligned Teeth

In addition to affecting one’s appearance, teeth that are crooked or improperly spaced can hamper the chewing process. Misaligned teeth can also be difficult to clean and are more susceptible to cavities and disease. An orthodontist is a dental specialist who is specifically concerned with straightening teeth. This can be accomplished with braces, devices that when worn will straighten misaligned teeth and close unsightly gaps between them. The following types of braces are available from King Orthodontics:

  • Traditional metal
  • Clear
  • Self-ligating (without ties)


The Magic of Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners offer promise to many patients by the way they straighten teeth in a comfortable and inconspicuous manner. Using the latest technology, these devices “predict” the way in which a person’s teeth need to be straightened and carry out the task. They are worn in stages, which each set being replaced about every two weeks. By exerting a small amount of pressure, the aligners will slowly move the teeth into the desired position. These devices are also unique in the way they can be removed for cleaning or when eating. Additionally, they are virtually invisible to the outside.


Considering King Orthodontics

Only an orthodontist can determine the needs of each patient. Whether you are considering Invisalign aligners or conventional braces, you should consider turning to the services of Drs. Sam and Jack King. Its team of dental specialists is committed to giving patients the smile of their lives. Call for an appointment at 937-433-0830.

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3 Ways to a Better, Brighter Smile

How Can Invisalign Reviews Help in Making Important Orthodontic Decisions



Having straight teeth with no gaps is mandatory if you want to be able to flash that million dollar smile that draws people to your presence.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of us hit the genetic lottery where our teeth grow in perfectly straight on their own. Usually, once our permanent teeth grow in and get settled, there is a fair amount of correction that needs to be done to achieve an optimal smile. Invisalign can get the smile you’ve always wanted.

The Braces Conundrum

For decades, the only option for straightening teeth and getting a perfect smile was braces. Pretty much everyone is familiar with braces. They are metal things and are affixed to the surface of each tooth and connected by bands. Periodical tightening of the bands is done by your orthodontist throughout your period of wearing braces. This gradually causes your teeth to move to where they need to be.

There is certainly nothing wrong with braces. Patients have used these for generations to produce straight, healthy smiles. The fact that they produce permanent results makes them worth the expense and the trouble, at least in most people’s opinions.

With that said, there are several reasons why many people have historically dreaded getting braces. They have wished for a more pleasant and aesthetically-pleasing alternative for getting permanently straight teeth.


For one thing, braces are viewed by many to be very unsightly. Though their end effect is a much more attractive smile forever, it isn’t hard to understand why many people dread them in the short-term. Given the fact that the period in which many people wear them coincides with a time in their life when they’re already self-conscious about the changes taking place to their bodies, their dread about braces is an easy thing to sympathize with.


Another thing about braces is that they are known for bringing with them a high level of discomfort. They are affixed to your teeth with strong adhesive. Thus they can never be taken off during the time you wear them, even for eating or brushing. They also have to be tightened periodically by an orthodontist. The two or three days which follow can involve higher levels of discomfort than normal.

For orthodontic patients who have wished for years for an alternative to braces. There is now a product which mitigates many of the common complaints people have with braces while still effectively providing permanent straightening of teeth.

The product is called Invisalign. If you are considering getting Invisalign in Fairborn to straighten your teeth, it is helpful to understand exactly what this product is and how it differs from braces. You should also read up on plenty of Fairborn Invisalign reviews to find out what other patients in your area thought of their Invisalign experiences.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a set of clear contraptions that you wear over your teeth for at least 20 hours per day. Like braces, these templates work to push your teeth into their proper positions over time. Unlike braces, however, Invisalign is not permanently affixed to the surface of your teeth with an adhesive. Patients can easily remove for eating and brushing.

Also unlike braces, Invisalign is not obviously noticeable when you smile. Sure, people who look very closely will be able to see that you are wearing something over your teeth, and Invisalign templates are certainly detectable if you point them out to people. But they are still much more subtle than flashing a smile and revealing a mouth full of metal.

Invisalign patients receive a series of templates which become progressively “tighter” as they go. Similar to the way people with braces go to get them tightened periodically. Also, you still go see your orthodontist periodically throughout this process to ensure that your teeth are moving the way they should be.

Why Should I Read Invisalign Reviews in Fairborn Before Deciding About Invisalign?

The reason why Fairborn Invisalign reviews are so important to read is that patients who have already experienced a process that you are considering undergoing can provide a unique and valuable perspective on its pros and cons.

Your orthodontist will provide a valuable professional opinion on whether or not you are a candidate for Invisalign. Then why, in his or her opinion, you should or shouldn’t consider it over braces.

However, there is nothing that can replace the input of people who have actually worn the devices and used them to fix their orthodontic problems.

Did they feel Invisalign was as subtle and non-noticeable as they were led to believe? Were the templates easy to take in and out for meals and dental care? Did wearing Invisalign templates involve a low level of discomfort? Were their results on par with peers who used traditional braces?

By reading Invisalign reviews in Fairborn, you can find out the answers to questions you have.

How can I find trustworthy reviews if I am considering Invisalign in Fairborn?

Friends, family, co-workers, or other personal acquaintances who have had Invisalign are the first people to ask, as they have candid information. Because you know these people personally, and they aren’t strangers on the Internet. Their advice and opinions should hold more value and be more reassuring.

Online reviews also can be a valuable source of information. The simple fact that they invariably expose you to the opinions of vastly more people than does utilizing your personal network. Keep in mind, however, that the Internet is not always a font of accurate, reliable information. You should keep your guard up when reading reviews. If you find one that seems overly hyperbolic or exaggerated, take it with a grain of salt.

Invisalign can be a wonderful alternative to braces for the right candidate. Find out the right treatment for you, schedule a consultation right away with our experienced orthodontists. King Orthodontics is committed to giving you the best smile of your life!


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King Orthodontics is trusted source when it comes to the field of orthodontics. Visit our website and discover the services on offer. And learn more about the dedicated professionals that are waiting to help you get the smile you deserve. Set up your first consultation for a thorough evaluation. From that point, you can learn if braces are for you and discuss the types of braces that are available. From colored braces to clear aligners, you have many alternatives that can help you to have a smile you will be proud of. You’ll be full of excitement when it’s time to flash your pearly whites for the camera and any occasion. Thanks to our team at King Orthodontics.

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How Can Invisalign Reviews Help in Making Important Orthodontic Decisions

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