X-rays: An Orthodontists Best Friend

May 22, 2014

Why are X-rays Important to Orthodontist?

[caption id="attachment_1147" align="alignright" width="500"]King Orthodontics davidseitzjr via Compfight cc[/caption] A patient previously asked me this question, why do you want to have an X-ray of my teeth, yet I would only want to have my straightened? This is a very sensible question, and it can be explained with a variety of reasons. Before you know they reasons, you need to understand that teeth are very hard surfaces, and it is not possible to know what happens inside them without having an x-ray. Also, a tooth resembles an Iceberg since there is a huge space of the tooth that cannot be seen at any time unless we use an X-ray. X-rays are images that are created when you pass a beam of radiation through a body. The beam of light hits a sensor, which take the image of the surface in a film on the other side. They can create pictures which can be used to show the differences of the surfaces of the body in terms of shape and density. The x-ray that is taken by a dentist is known as a bitewing. A bite wing helps the dentists to understand the nature of tooth in terms of the quality of the enamel, roots and inner canals. On the radiograph, fillings and the enamel appeal white color since they are dense. The decay, the root canal and the bone around the teeth usually appear to be less dark in the image since they are less dense. A dentist has a special training to read and understand the dark and light patterns so that they use them to distinguish between abnormal and normal tissues. If you cannot see the root of the tooth, it is not possible to tell how healthy the tooth is. In fact treatment should begin with an X-ray to avoid damaging roots that are already weak when we are in the process of straightening. X-rays are also very resourceful since they help us to understand the shape and the size of the jaws. An X-ray will also help an orthodontist to understand the angle at which the teeth could be lying. The same angle is used during treatment to rectify or straighten the teeth. There many reason x-rays are very critical for orthodontics. One of these reasons is the fact that orthodontists are also dentists. This means that they have to focus on different things and they have the responsibility of identifying any present pathogens in teeth. In the process of treating orthodontic problems, they also require x-rays. The x-rays that they conduct focus more on the form of the teeth as well as the position of the jaws. These practitioners are interested in extra, missing, misplaced teeth, missing teeth, long, short and misshaped bones. For the problem with the jaws, they are especially interested in asymmetrical jaws, too big or too small jaws. These x-rays provide them with critical information that helps them to understand the nature of problems among their patients as well as formulate the best plans to solve the problems of their patients. The experts at King Orthodontics are always ready to help you out with all your dental needs. Contact us today for further information

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X-rays: An Orthodontists Best Friend

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