The World Needs Your Smile 2017

February 20, 2017

Did you know that giving to others can make us happier? Generosity is linked to reward mechanisms in our brain that make us feel good. Giving also increases our sense of connectedness to others and contributes to happier, safer communities.

Smiling baker lady

Today, Give a Stranger One of Your Smiles

When we think of giving, many of us think of money. But even those light in the pocketbook, have something valuable offer. The gift of kindness costs nothing and is always available to us. An easy habit to cultivate to give kindness daily is to smile whenever you encounter someone. Kindness is contagious. When we perform a simple act of kindness, such as smiling at a stranger, we create a ripple effect. The person on the receiving end of your smile is more likely to offer the gift of a smile or another act of kindness to someone else. Who knows how long the chain of kindness that you started will go on until it is broken. With a simple smile, you can improve your community in more ways than you can imagine.

Get Yourself a Smile Worth Giving

None of us lives on an island, and we affect one another each time we come into contact. Be it the barista at your regular coffee shop, neighbors you cross paths with while dog-walking, or a homeless person on the sidewalk, you affect those around you with your mood and how you respond to them. If you smile, you are making their day, and yours, a little better. By not smiling, you may be affecting people that you interact with in a way that you don’t intend to, even if it’s simply because you haven’t made it to the orthodontist for braces and are self-conscious about your teeth. If you’re not confident about your smile, you might be withholding one of the greatest blessings you have to offer. Contact an orthodontist at King Orthodontics today for an appointment to discuss braces. Don’t wait another day to start spreading your smile.  

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The World Needs Your Smile 2017

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