What is a Braces Starter Pack ( ANSWERS HERE)

September 14, 2018

What is a Braces Starter Pack? Millions of people of all ages seek orthodontic care in the United States each year. For children, tweens, teens and adult patients alike, the day you get braces can feel like a very big day indeed!   man laughing in office   All of a sudden, you have embarked on a new journey. This journey often includes quite a bit of hardware to take care of and look after. Depending on what treatment your orthodontist has recommended, you may also have a new oral care routine. One that includes dietary modification and extra brushing and flossing time. Meanwhile, the rest of your life keeps marching forward - it is not going to stop just so you can learn how to take care of your teeth during your treatment period! And here is where a Braces Starter Pack can really come in handy at home, at school or at work!  

Different Patients: Different Treatments

Here at King Orthodontics, no two patients are alike and no two treatment protocols are alike. We carefully design a custom treatment approach for each patient. An approach that is appropriate for your age, overall oral health needs, budget and smile goals. Some patients may be receiving treatment with Invisalign aligners, while other patients may be receiving treatment with traditional hardware. Still, other patients may be receiving treatment with one of the newer types of hardware that can include metal, clear or self-ligating braces. But one thing we know is true for all of our patients - you are busy! You don't have enough hours in a day as it is, and we want to help you make receiving orthodontic treatment as easy, comfortable and stress-free as possible! It is fair to say, your braces starter pack may differ slightly from others.   start to long road  

Why We Recommend a Braces Starter Pack

It is an exciting day for us as well when you first decide to seek orthodontic care and treatment. Here in our multi-generational family orthodontic practice, we have seen hundreds of beautiful smiles. And hundreds of lives changed over the years and decades. It is a wonderful feeling to be there on the final day of treatment. When a patient's hardware comes off for the last time and they see their beautiful straight white smile for the first time! But in the interim, you will have some daily work to do to make sure your treatment delivers the best results. For this, we recommend using a starter pack regardless of what your course of care looks like.  

What Is In a Treatment Pack?

We recommend preparing a travel-friendly kit or pack that includes a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash. This kit will work well for Invisalign patients as well as for patients receiving treatment with traditional hardware. For patients with semi-permanent hardware to care for. We also recommend adding dental floss threaders, dental wax, a small mirror, some extra rubber bands, your retainer case (if applicable) and a small pack of tissues. With all these supplies at the ready, you won't have to be concerned if you have a bite to eat and get a big piece of green lettuce caught in your hardware! You will be able to quickly sanitize your mouth with mouthwash when you don't have time to brush. And when you do have a minute, you can quickly pop into the washroom to brush and floss to keep everything clean and sparkly. If you need recommendations for the best products to include in your personal care pack, please let us know! We are happy to help you put together a treatment care pack that reflects what works best for your individual treatment plan.   TWITTER BUTTON  

Personalizing Your Treatment Pack

For our younger patients, in particular, it can be challenging simply to remember to make time for orthodontic care during the hectic days. Especially during back to school season! If you are a parent overseeing care for a child, tween or teen, often this means you will now have to remember to follow up about oral health hygiene in care in addition to every other task you are already juggling. A braces starter pack is another thing you have to deal with. This is where we recommend carving out a bit of time to work with your child. Time to create a fun personalized care pack. One that he or she will be proud of and eager to use during the day. This can start by letting your child select a fun receptacle to put all the supplies in. Adding bling in the form of rhinestones, decals, stenciling and other decorative extras will make the pack stand out in your child's backpack and serve as a reminder to brush, floss and swish. You may also want to consider adding in some extra incentives for using the contents of the treatment pack! We will gladly help you think up some enticing incentives to encourage your child to follow through with daily care at school.  

Daily Care Equals Big Smiles

Here at King Orthodontics, we love our "Before and After" Smiles Gallery! Your child may be too young right now to fully appreciate the impact of your investment in orthodontic care. But our Smiles Gallery can serve as an incentive to fully participate in daily hygiene routines. It just feels good to love your smile and want to show it off, as each of our proud Smile Gallery patients will attest!  

P.S. Watch Our "How To" Brushing & Flossing Video

This short "How To" Brushing and Flossing Video offers an easy step-by-step guide to use your treatment care pack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=obuCKwrlfbM

About King Orthodontics

Dr. Sam King is the medical director for King Orthodontics. This multi-generational family practice treats patients of all ages using the latest cutting-edge orthodontic medicine to reduce treatment times, increase comfort and provide wonderfully lasting results. Dr. Sam King has been accorded the honor of being named as a Diplomate to the American Board of Orthodontics. To learn more and schedule your consultation at King Orthodontics with the orthodontist of your choice, please visit our website using the buttons below. Book Your Comp Consultation Contact Us Today  

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What is a Braces Starter Pack ( ANSWERS HERE)

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