Tumors and Radiations

March 27, 2014

Do Dental X-rays Cause Brain Tumor?

[caption id="attachment_1204" align="alignright" width="500"]King Ortho roger_mommaerts via Compfight cc[/caption] A tumor refers to the uncontrolled growth of body cells and it can lead to swearing of a part of a body though in this case we put more emphasis on its effects on the brain cells.Cancer or in other words tumor have greatly been known to be triggered by radioactive rays such as gamma rays. In addition to that, one needs to know the component of X rays as it gives a room for body cells being exposed to extreme radiation.  Argument based on the natural composition of the environment reveals that radiation has severe effects on one’s health and thus this explains for the call against depleting of the ozone layer. Some of the cases that have been reported by patients who have had frequent cases of X ray examination include memory loss and seizures. In addition to that, many patients have complained of frequent headaches accompanied with loss of memory.  High exposure to radiation in many cases has resulted in the destruction of thyroid glands. That notwithstanding x ray has been linked with causing multiple myeloma which is a case of destruction of the bone marrow that in many cases causes an overgrowth of the bone marrow tissues.
  In addition to causing of brain tumors, X ray treatment have been linked with causing genetic disorders.  A research on the equipment used for radiation purposes have revealed that many of them give out more rays than the necessary amount thus exposing the patient to a higher risk of getting cancer. More to brain tumors, other disease that have been linked to radiation includes cataract which is a heart related disorder and coronary heart problems. However an x ray is equally important, in countries like Canada it is a requirement for one to have an X ray once a year. The major concern is the protective measures that are taken when carrying out the exercise. Proper clothing should be worn to reduce direct contact with the X ray or any other form of radiation. Unless it is an emergency case or a situation that calls for great level of urgency,radiation examinations or treatments should be avoided. Relating to the teeth problems, serious cases of tooth decay or teeth removal sometimes call for a closer examination using beams of radioactive rays. Rather than x ray examination, the dentists or rather in this case the orthodontist should prioritize other methods that do not use beams of radioactive rays. In extreme case, patients who have had several cases of X-ray treatments or examination have at a point in their life turned insane. However such cases have been reported on patients who have been undergoing cancer therapy. Teeth examination only calls for a very low level of gamma ray use hence reducing the risk that the patient is exposed to though frequent cases can result into minor problems such as headaches, loss of memory and frequent seizures. However with proper clothing, such cases can be avoided. If you need any further assistance, help or information, contact Kings Orthodontics.  We offer all the best solutions for your orthodontic and medical needs.

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Tumors and Radiations

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