The Connection Between A Beautiful Smile and Self Esteem

July 17, 2022

There are many articles about the benefits of orthodontics as it relates to increased self-esteem among children. We know that a child’s smile can profoundly affect self esteem and even impact their social skills. Confidence enhances motivation, allows them to explore new experiences, and even helps them resist peer pressure.

Of course a beautiful smile isn’t the only factor contributing to your tween’s confidence, but research shows that it absolutely helps.  However, not much attention is paid to maximizing self-esteem throughout the orthodontic experienceThat’s where I focus much of my energy. When a child comes to King Orthodontics for treatment, they leave my office feeling good about themselves. That’s my mission. My team and I always create magnificent smiles, but we also make sure that our patients build confidence throughout treatment. I design treatment plans that tweens can be successful with.

All children are unique, and the treatment chosen has to work with that child's personality. I also prioritize spending time with my patients. I’m genuinely interested in what is going on in each child's life and they know it. Above all, I am there for kids with questions and support when they’re getting used to orthodontic treatment, and beyond.

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