Smile. Be Someone’s Reason To Smile

September 16, 2016

smile A smile brightens wherever you are, from a hospital room to a ballroom. furthermore Think of all the portraits of famous people you know of, and the way their smile lights up their face. Famous portraits without smiles would likely be even more attractive with one. You are the reason for someone to smile, and maybe many. when you think of those who give you happy, you might pause before showing your teeth due to insecurity about their appearance. Now there is no need to be embarrassed by your teeth, whether they are crooked, stained, or missing. With the following treatments, a competent orthodontist can transform your grin into a dazzling expression of joy that others will admire.

Missing teeth

An orthodontic office does not typically perform surgery to provide dental implants or remove broken teeth. However, a gap between teeth can be filled by having the patient wear braces to move teeth into desired positions. Newly-created gaps from moved teeth will be less noticeable and can be treated with a bridge.

Turned teeth

Teeth can tip or twist, in some cases almost horizontally. Due to good orthodontics, they can be pulled upright into a straight position with the help of braces. As a result adjoining teeth settle into their correct positions and balance them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Embedded teeth

Sometimes a tooth will fail to emerge at the proper time, like a permanent tooth that remains buried in the gum tissue or soft palate of the mouth. Another thing is, an orthodontist can apply a tiny chain that helps to gently pull the tooth into its designated place. If you think your teeth could be more attractive, contact King Orthodontics for a consultation. With professional treatment, your smile will become even more dazzling to others.

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Smile. Be Someone’s Reason To Smile 

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