Share Your Smile with the World 2017

April 17, 2017

Your child’s smile is a gift to share with friends, teachers, family members and the entire world. The best part about braces is that they teach you to share your smile with everyone you love. And when your child smiles, you smile. Your orthodontist can help your child learn to share their smile again, even if they’ve been hiding it because of crooked teeth.
  • Smiling truly is a gift that will foster friendships for your child’s entire life!
  • Your child deserves the best and brightest smile, and we can help them achieve it.

A Happy Smile Inspires Confidence

Before braces, your child may feel shy or unsure about smiling in front of people. Thankfully your orthodontist can help get your child smiling again.

  • A big, confident smile is a gift for everyone you meet. Nothing brightens up the day like a smile.
  • To share your smile is to give a gift of peace and happiness to all your friends and family, and will leave a true impact.

Smiling is a Priceless Gift

  • Smiling is a gift that comes from the heart, and will help your child build relationships for their entire life.
  • If they learn to smile with confidence right now at an early age, they’ll keep smiling for the rest of their life.

Call us today to set up your appointment! 

  • Get started on your journey to a happy smile. Your child’s future is priceless, and our orthodontist will work with you to make their dreams come true. Your child deserves to share their smile with the world because it’s a priceless gift! Call our Centerville office at (937) 433-0830 or our Fairborn office at (937) 878-1561 or click here to book an appointment in either one of our practices.

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Share Your Smile with the World 2017

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