Overjet, Open Bite, and Cross Bite (7 REAL FACTS)

June 29, 2018

Can braces help my Overjet, Open Bite, and Cross Bite? If you're suffering from an overjet, crossbite or open bite, it's normal for you to wonder if there's a good solution. It's normal for you to think thoughts like, "Can braces help?" The idea of getting treatment with braces may enter your mind, and you may be wondering if it can resolve those issues. Read on for the answer to that question plus additional information about treatment options for the above-mentioned issues. three woman smiling  

Overjet, Open Bite, and Cross Bite = Malocclusion?

The term malocclusion pertains to a number of abnormal bite and alignment issues that would prompt a dental patient to see an orthodontist for help. Those conditions include overbites, underbites, crossbites, overjets, open bites and the like. Malocclusion is a technical term for misalignment or a problem with the alignment of the teeth as it pertains to the arch and jaws. Three categories of misalignment exist, and they vary in severity. An orthodontist can develop the perfect treatment plan for any malocclusion symptoms.    

Symptoms of Malocclusion

The first sign of obvious malocclusion is a visual one. The affected person and other people notice that the individual has irregular spacing between the teeth and teeth that seem to be pointing in an unnatural direction. The individual may also experience puffiness in the face or an uneven or crooked smile because some of the teeth protrude. Furthermore, an affected person may have trouble eating certain foods. Another symptom of malocclusion is that the affected person may not smile or speak much. That may be due to self-conscious feelings about the problem and a bit of a self-esteem decline. Many other symptoms indicate a problem in the teeth alignment. Those are just a few to reference.    

Treatment Options for Malocclusion

Several treatment options are available for malocclusion, and most of them involve a corrective device. Retainers and braces are common in the treatment of various malocclusion situations. Retainers are removable appliances, and most braces are fixed items. Technology has advanced so much lately, however, that removable options are now available. You will learn more about that very soon.    

Can Braces Help?

The quick answer to whether or not braces can fix the above-mentioned abnormalities is yes. The probability of success depends on the orthodontist's skill level. A skilled orthodontist can make anything happen. He can come up with an effective recovery strategy to redirect the teeth or cause them to grow in properly. That's why it's important for a patient to pick a professional who has not only years of experience but proven results. The specialist should have pictures of people before and after their treatment. This person should also have many positive reviews from people who have received his services. Those positive attributes will make such a person more trustworthy to a prospective client. woman holding mouth  

Types of Braces

Several types of braces are available for Overjet, Open Bite, and Cross Bite treatment. Standard metal braces are still the most common form of treatment. People still love the results that they get from them because of their sturdiness and straightforwardness. Metal braces are affordable options, as well, so many clients like them for that reason. Lingual braces are another option for malocclusion treatment. They fit neatly behind the teeth so that no one can see them. They're a discreet option that many people choose because of their high stability. Lingual braces are still metal, so they still offer durability to the patient. The strategy for implanting them makes them different from other corrective methods. Invisalign is a popular strategy for dealing with malocclusion symptoms. It's a clear aligner system that works just like braces do. The difference is that Invisalign aligners are clear and completely removable, which makes it easy for the user to clean the teeth, eat and drink beverages. Many dental clients like Invisalign because of those attributes. If discretion is your main concern, you may want to talk to someone about that product. Many other options are available for you to take advantage of. You just have to get in touch with a reliable provider and inquire.    

Treatment Time and Cost

The treatment time and the cost vary according to the complexity of your issue, the type of corrective materials that you obtain and your orthodontist's preferences. No matter what the cost is, you will have options for paying for the treatment you receive. You can use major dental insurance as well as third-party financing and perhaps a discount plan. The provider has a finance team that can help you work out your payment methods and arrangments.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txwM4N93mo8  

About Your First Visit

Your first visit is going to be a time when you get to know something about your provider. You'll have the opportunity to sit down and talk to him and develop a strategy for your Overjet, Open Bite, and Cross Bite symptoms. You can ask any questions you can think of during this time, and you can inquire about the provider's credentials if you so desire. You'll most likely discuss your dental history, as well. The first visit is all about meeting the staff and becoming comfortable with them so that you can have faith in the services that they have to offer. It will be a pleasurable meeting no matter what you discuss, and you may just come out of it with an entirely fresh outlook on life.    

Schedule Your First Visit

Your first visit with an orthodontist is the most crucial. During this visit, you will have-X-rays, a physical examination of your teeth, and a long discussion about your history and treatment options. It's during the consultation that you'll find out which treatment options are the best for your specific condition. You may schedule an appointment with Dr. King in the Fairborn or Centerville locations for expert advice. One of the numbers that you can call for help is 937-433-0830. Don't hesitate to schedule the meeting that you need to start developing a winning strategy with a professional. It's what you need to do to regain that beautiful smile you want.

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Overjet, Open Bite, and Cross Bite (7 REAL FACTS)

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