All about Orthodontic Appliances

July 29, 2014

King Orthodontics

Orthodontic Fact #2: A brace is one type of dental appliance that an orthodontist can use depending on the patient’s needs. Other appliances may be suggested to treat a specific jaw or mouth deformity.

Do I Need Braces? Not Everyone Does

If you look in the mirror and you are not happy with what you see when it comes to your smile, you may wonder if braces are the answer. With so many options available today, from clear aligners to brackets that come in a variety of colors, braces have become more appealing. However, you need to be sure that braces are exactly what you need. In order to determine if you do, consider the following reasons an orthodontist will recommend braces:
  •  You have considerable gaps between your teeth.
  •  Your teeth are crooked in appearance.
  •  You have an overbite.
  •  You have an underbite.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces are designed to apply pressure to the teeth in order to gradually shift them into the proper position. Wires and brackets, as well as rubber bands, are used to offer a steady source of pressure. The orthodontist creates a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the patient through the use of molds, x-rays, and 3D imaging. Adjustments are made periodically to change the amount of pressure and progress is monitored. Most patients wear braces for two to four years, followed by a period in which a retainer is needed. It's important to realize that braces not only make your smile look better, they can also help you to breathe easier at night and avoid problems with your jaw, such as a TMJ disorder. There is always the chance that you have a problem with your mouth or jaw that should be treated with various appliances. For example, a splint or mouth guard could resolve issues that have caused a misalignment of your jaw. Be aware however that only an orthodontist can determine the best route of treatment.

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All about Orthodontic Appliances

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