How to get Invisalign Aligners to Fit (Perfectly!)

July 20, 2019

If you are someone who is thinking about getting Invisalign aligners, you may be wondering exactly how they work. For example, you may want to know what kinds of exercises you can do with your aligners to ensure that you maximize the system's straightening abilities. Massaging is one procedure that can help you to promote straightening and dental health. The following piece elaborates on massaging and other procedures. These are easy once you have your Invisalign system put in place.   invisalign  

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What is Massaging the Aligners Over the Teeth

  • The orthodontist will discuss the messaging procedure with you shortly after your system is in place. The Invisalign system is a system that uses various sets of aligners. You will have to change your aligners every two weeks for the duration of the treatment. The orthodontist may place some attachments to the front of some of your teeth, and those attachments will help to grip the aligners better when you put them on. The attachments are similar to those of braces, and they help to pull the teeth into the correct position.
  • A massage is a procedure in which you take your thumb and your finger and sort of push the aligner into the attachment further. The specialist will most likely recommend that you do that procedure at least once a day for the first three days after you change to a new set of aligners. The procedure is very easy to do, and you can do it while you are lying back and relaxing if you like.

The Benefits of Massaging the Aligners

  • Massaging the aligners over the teeth has several benefits to it. One of it is that it causes the aligners to grip better. The gripping makes the teeth shift in a more predictable fashion so that you and the specialist can see the results that you want to see.

Other Procedures for Expediting the Process

  • Aside from massaging your aligners on a regular basis, you can develop some other helpful routines that will strengthen the system and help your teeth to shift into position easier. The following are some processes and procedures that you can incorporate into your care plan during the course of your treatment so that the end result will be that beautiful smile that you desire. You can ask about them when you have your consultation, and the specialist will tell you which ones you should incorporate ASAP and which ones are optional.

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Use Chewies

  • Chewies are extra items that you can ask for that can help to keep the aligners in place. They are cylindrical pieces that have a soft and spongy texture. You use them by biting down on them several times a day. Five to 15-minute sessions will provide you with the maximum amount of results. You must bite down on them with all of your teeth. That way, they will affect all of your aligner parts.
  • The benefit of using chewies is that they can decrease the treatment time by tightening up the correction system so that your teeth shift quickly. Your provider may not offer many of them to you because he or she may have to order them. The lab that makes your aligners may not be the same provider that makes the chewies.
  • Flavors are aplenty too...Purple with grape flavour, yellow with pineapple flavour, green with mint flavour, pink with bubblegum flavour or white unscented. The white unscented chewies are the most popular.
  • You can wash the Aligner Chewies with a mild soap and reuse them several times before they lose elasticity. It is recommended to clean them after each biting session.
  You can buy them very easily on Amazon too. Amazon logoThis article speaks of proper usage and you'll find ways to buy them too.   dentakit logo  

Wear Aligners Appropriately

  • The recommended number of hours that you should keep your aligners in every day is 22 hours. Sticking to that rule is one of the best ways to help your procedure go smoothly and proceed at a fast pace. That means you will have two hours a day to do your eating and your teeth cleaning, which is ample time. The average meal only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to eat. Thorough teeth brushing session only takes two minutes. The key is to think about the future smile and discipline yourself to keep the aligners on.

Use Dental Floss

  • Dental floss is a crucial hygiene element that can enhance and improve your dental health. You can add value to your treatment by flossing at least once a day while you have your aligners off for cleaning. Flossing improves the smell of your breath by eliminating bacteria that comes from things that get stuck in between the teeth. It only takes one minute or two minutes to floss, and it can be a valuable experience for you.

Change Your Aligners When You're Supposed To

  • This last tip is probably the most important tip if you want to be finished with treatment quickly. you must change the aligners when you are supposed to, and you must not hesitate in any way. Every day that you hesitate is a day that your teeth could have been pulled closer to perfection. Stick to the schedule that the provider recommends so that your results can be like what you desire.

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How to get Invisalign Aligners to Fit (Perfectly!)

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