How Lasers Can Help Your Orthodontic Treatment?

January 9, 2014

Can Lasers make your Orthodontic Treatment Faster?

Many orthodontists are now scheduling their patients in for specialty laser procedures. When we think of laser procedures we may think of something like removing defects from our bodies or even laser eye surgery, but lasers are now having promising results when it comes to medicine and dentistry especially when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Most of the lasers that are used in dentistry today are designed specifically for cutting through hard tissues like teeth and bone in surgery. Orthodontics puts to use lasers that target soft tissue. Not all orthodontists are using this laser system to help aid orthodontic treatment but there are some promising reasons why you should choose an orthodontist that does use laser treatments to speed up the process of orthodontic treatment. [caption id="attachment_1193" align="alignright" width="500"]King Ortho jellybeanz via Compfight cc[/caption]

1. Lasers can actually increase your comfort during treatment by reducing discomfort with your braces.

Any lesions that can occur inside your mouth such as a canker sore or ulceration from the inside of your mouth being irritated from your braces, can be repaired with the help of these soft tissue lasers.

2. Lasers can also be used in a procedure called a frenectomy.

This involves removing structures that can affect the position of your teeth and gums. These muscle attachments can sometimes be a little bit too large and these can seriously slow the process of moving your teeth into position during orthodontic treatment. Creating the proper spaces and shortening these attachments and muscles can leave more space for your teeth to move and also work to prevent them from moving back into place after your treatment is done.

3. Quickly improve the appearance of your teeth:

An orthodontist can actually work to very quickly improve the appearance of your smile during treatment or even after treatment by reshaping your gingival contours and the heights of your gums. This can help to give you a more uniform smile.

4. The use of lasers can really improve treatment time 

In order for an orthodontist to affix many types of orthodontic appliances, and for them to work effectively parts of your gums may need to be trimmed back or removed so that the appliance can fasten correctly and put forces on your teeth is necessary. Using a laser to remove tissue is easier and also allows for faster healing and with your orthodontic appliances in the proper position you could be able to shave off six months to a year in your treatment. If you would like to learn more about the use of lasers in orthodontics please consult King Orthodontics. Their practices in Centerville and Fairborn have extensive experience using lasers in their treatment plans. Call either office for a free consultation today.
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How Lasers Can Help Your Orthodontic Treatment?

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